Nov 6, 2013

The Instagram, Vine and Flipboard are Coming to Windows Phone 8 Officialy

So the OS that is touted as the one with least presence, The OS with too less apps and the OS that is not only lag free but also the most beautiful is about to receive too much awesomeness in a single Instance as the Instagram, Vine and Flipboard are coming to Windows Phone 8 officially.

I mentioned a few bad traits of the Windows Phone 8 above as they are not really bad and are just a bad feather added to the cap of windows Phone 8 while competing Android which have a lot of apps or we can say the Spam on the name of apps As we know the number of apps on windows Phone Store is around 170K only. We know the number is too low compared to android & iOS but thing is they are really apps that too lag free & spam free but i  think users hardly care for that. Well i m not defending the Windows Phone 8 here but just trying to justify the Clean & Flourishing OS ecosystem.

We are here to discuss the apps that were missed badly on a windows phone 8 device as people don't want to own one despite missing on beauties like Instagram, Vine & Flipboard. So back at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi Nokia announced about the official release of these apps on the Windows Phone 8 Platform. The ones Who still are unaware about these can find the info here:


The Instagram is the famous photo sharing app where you not only share your pictures but also get the functionality of applying different filters that really make sense by making the pictures  kind of beautiful. Instagarm recently introduced the video sharing feature where you can upload a 15 sec video to the stream. Instagram was recently acquired by the Facebook.


Vine is the famous video sharing platform the Introduced the concept of micro video's as they were the first to launch a 6 sec video sharing app. Though in their early days it was Acquired by the Twitter so now it is considered their product only.

Flipboard :- 

Ah! Who doesn't know about this app that provides the news from across the web in a very beautiful manner.

Their official version's might me Coming to windows Phone 8 but i would like to mention about 6Tag & 6Sec which are the third party apps for Instagram and Vine respectively. Both 6sec and 6Tag are developed by the same guy Rudy Huyn. The 6sec got a clean and nice interface that makes video sharing really easy. Well what should i say about 6Tag as it hardly needs a introduction as the app already received much appreciation from the people who are using it and have also claimed it to be better than the official version of Instagram.

I don't know about the Vine or Flipboard but I m pretty sure that official Instagram will surely face a stiff competition from the 6Tag to become the primary app for users as by this time even i have fallen for that app. Well there is no doubt that 6tag clearly have the advantage over instagram app but then it will be official so pre conceptions will be not a great idea.

Doesn't matter how well they are received but a fact that they are the official version cannot be denied. Having official version of the apps will only result in making the OS a better ecosystem. Now even i m eagerly waiting for them though there is no doubt 6Tag will still be my primary client for using Instagram on Windows Phone 8.

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