Nov 30, 2013

Tata Docomo offers cheapest Dongle!!!!

Tata Docomo has launched a wi-fi dongle, which it claimed would cost up to 50% less than the competitors’ offerings and it is  looking to consolidate its market leadership in the dongle business,In recent months this is the second dongle offering by the company and is priced at Rs 1,999, and features phase 2 Rev-B technology.

The wingle will be operating at a speed of 6.2 Mbps and offers users to set up their own wi-fi zones, connecting five devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets simultaneously.The Price ranges from Rs 650 for 3GB unlimited data and Rs 1500 for 15 GB unlimited data. For a 6GB plan, the end customer cost amounts to Rs 950, which amounts to a 50% monthly bill saving, as compared to other hi-speed broadband plans – which typically add up to around Rs 1,750 per month – making it the cheapest multiple device wi-fi plan in India, the company claimed.

Apart from this the company is also offering the Advance Rental Plan which enables the customer to pay only Rs 4,999 which gives them the acess to 15GB unlimited data for first three months each and post three months the user can follow up his/her own plan.The company is also offering pay-as-you-go model.In addition, existing Tata Photon customers can upgrade their services to wi-fi by buying a new device or opt for a device cash back offer, wherein the device will be available free of cost in 13 months.

The device available to CDMA customers would be made available for GSM in 10-15 days.Tata Docomo has 40% share in the dongle market with the business contributing 15% to its revenues. Reliance, MTS and Aircel are its major competitors.

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