Nov 20, 2013

SnapChat did a Google thing

The mergers & Accusations are nothing new to the silicon valley, They have always constituted to the growth of the industry some are famous like Nokia-MSFT, Google-Motorola & the new talk of the town Instagram by Facebook But the story doesn't end here as we also know that there were some sour deals also. On the other hand we have a plethora of names that didn't happen & now running successfully, One such example is Google. When some 15-16 yrs back to Phd Students went to yahoo for funding their project but their project was rejected ruthlessly & now we know that project as the Google Inc. Just like Google snapchat also experienced the same thing but in the reverse order as Facebook approached them with $ 3 Billion for a buyout but still Snapchat rejected the offer. So what is running underneath the selfie app that still doesn't make a penny on the name of revenue but still valued over $ 3 Billion.

As we know that merger & accusation are the games to foil up the party of some or maybe to keep a stronghold in the market like Facebook purchased the Instagram as it was seen as a real threat to Facebook because of the increasing popularity plus the number of mobile users it had so Facebook bought it make it's mobile armory look strong plus keeping a real under it's hood now. On the other hand when Google realized that they are riding the Android success band wagon depending on the mercy of Handset makers & if they pulled out or choose another OS then Android will be left to die that too without any real competition. As Google saw the major shareholder Samsung in the sale of Android Phone started an initiative to build it's own in house mobile OS Tizen in partnership with Intel. Samsung pulling out of android portfolio should have hurt the Google seriously so they bought the profit scrapped Motorola to keep an hold on market even if other handset makers pullout. So what all this indicate for the Snapchat, well there is a lot to debate on.

Being shattered to ashes is nothing new in the Silicon valley as the rise of Facebook saw the valuation of MySpace devalued form $ 12 Billion to $ 35 million and no one will be surprised if people stopped using facebook Just because the got Instagram to share pics & Twitter for spreading the message to the world. If the recent reports are to be believed then facebook did experienced the fall in traffic, Well for that day facebook saved the Instagram though twitter is still the favorite game spoiler for them. But will Instagram really save the facebook thing when likes of Snapchat are ruling the market, I doubt.

Denying the fact that snapchat is coming to rule the market & make a mockery of Instagram & Facebook will only led to being valued as Facebook frenzy that will never see the day light. As we know what people care about these are selfies as people are hardly interested in what the hell is wrong with outer world. Selfies that too being powered by self destruct are real game changer as even if you didn't managed to look well you can try again as that thing will be gone a long ago.

We know Snapchat got niche features but what made it to being valued at $ 3 billion and that too was seen as a small sum by people at Snapchat. Well it might be the result of race to become the supreme leader of mobile market as even Google knows if their arch rival Facebook bought the service then facebook will surely be the undisputed king of mobile market but if somehow Google gets into Snpachat thing then getting under the skin of Facebook won't be a tough task for Google, doesn't matter if Facebook is armed by the likes of Instagram but Google with Snapchat will pose real threat to it after twitter started to embed full pictures in the tweets.

So doesn't matter who will come at the top or who will be defamed like the MySpace but one thing is clear that SnapChat is on the rise after rejecting the buyout offer from the mighty Facebook. As even we know new apps hardly makeup the value of what they are being valued of but being made up the talk of town will surely end up in raising the heat & competition among the peer firms & as of now SnapChat is enjoying it without being worried about the end results. Maybe they got some plans to make more money then what was offered to them but why should you worry about that as you got snapchat to take selfies so just enjoy.

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