Nov 25, 2013

SkyDrive to be renamed as the "NewDrive" in UK

The most emphasized or overrated thing in the tech world is the "Patents" as of now. By that statement i don't mean to say that i don't care about the Patents or don't know about their credibility but considering past few years then patents have themselves violated the whole ecosystem. Talking about the tittle then this time the Microsoft is the victim in this case, Oh yes you got it right this time it's Microsoft the very famous firm which earned a lot from it's patent portfolio but now suffering as the victim of patent issues & as of result of which they will be renaming their famous cloud service skydrive as NewDrive in UK.

Past few years have been tough for Microsoft regarding the patents & naming issues as recently they even dropped the Metro UI name for the Windows look & now just use the Modern UI as the name for it. Now it's about the Skydrive & as a result of which Microsoft will be changing it's name from Skydrive to NewDrive, So what fueled this issues that even this Software giant went the mending way to save it's product, well you can tell easily that it must be something drastic.

The thing that fueled up the issues is that they lost the trademark spat with the broadcaster BSkyB which has got a large number of services in the UK with the name of SkyDrive. So they filed the trademark case with the Microsoft stating that their customers might get confused with the SkyDrive name & that will surely impact their business that too in a negative way so as a result of which Microsoft had to step back & come up with the new naming convention of naming SkyDrive as NewDrive.

Though being a clever player in this market Microsoft won't be impacted as they already got the thing in place as subdomain entered with at the end - such as, or - all redirect to So that might be the result of their experience there so doesn't matter what you put in there as you will always land up at the home of SkyDrive, so all we can say is that Well Done Microsoft because you really can't beat Microsoft in their own game of playing folly with the patents & kill the upcoming brands. 

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