Nov 6, 2013

Passport service app mPassport Seva now available for iOS & Windows Phone 8

We are a developing nation aren't we as yesterday only we have launched our mission to mars that makes us the forth only Country in this world to do so. So as being a developing Nation our government ensures that we do get all the basic amenities & Services without wasting much time and resources so to ensure that trend Passport office introduced the mPassport seva app for iOS & Windows phone 8 users.

The Passport Office of India already released an app for the android and now they felt the need for iOS and windows phone 8 too as these platforms also have the significant number of users or we can say the users who might really need this app. We are not trying to be partial here or want to discuss these ecosystems but according to user trends there are very few chances that an android user will turn up to get a passport. So not diverting from the topic we should discuss about the app here.

The mPassport seva app includes the functionality that helps you in tracking your application status. The mPassport seva app also enables you to locate a passport seva kendra or to provide information about getting a Passport. By using the mPassport Seva app you can also calculate the amount you need to pay for obtaining a passport.

Well doesn't matter how long is the process to obtain the Passport but we can't ignore the fact that our government is putting in a lot of efforts to make these services hassle free and introducing mPassport seva app for every platform is another successful result of these efforts.

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