Nov 26, 2013

Nokia music is now Nokia MixRadio

Changing is the never lasting way to produce innovative products & the one who doesn't change is regarded as the fool, so to prove that statement our favorite music app on windows phone has also changed & changed for good. So as a result of that change we now have Nokia MixRadio instead of the good old Nokia Music. So continue to read on what does newly branded app of Nokia MixRadio has to offer.

Don't feel misguided by the title as it's not a new app, Just update your old Nokia Music & the product you will get is the new Nokia MixRadio. The new Nokia MixRadio will offered a more personalized experience to the user as compared to the old version of Nokia Music, Nokia MixRadio will offer personalized experience as it will allow you to like your favorite songs & then offer you the playback list accordingly.

Here is a brief list of new features in Nokia MixRadio:

  • Play Me is a personalized mix inspired by your unique music profile.

  • Thumbs up / Thumbs down to help refine your music profile.
  • Share mixes with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by email and SMS.
  • New name and a new look to make it even easier to use.
The other features stated by update are the Bug Fixes though they still failed to remove that volume control anomaly, well that is other concern & might be resolved in some other software update as of now we should enjoy the Nokia MixRadio experience. I should mention that it is a Lumia Exclusive app.  

Doesn't matter if the app is re branded as still got the goodness of old Nokia Music experience. It still got the features you know and love – my music, mp3 store, create a mix, gigs and offline playback – so that you can store your favorite mixes on your phone and enjoy anywhere, even without a connection. Just like before you can still pay $4 per month for unlimited downloads. So just go & enjoy your new Nokia MixRadio. 

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