Nov 20, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1520 Review

Now a days it is practically impossible to find the smart phone with a screen less than 4 inches,it has  
became a trend with large screen displays.From past three years the Finland mobile manufacture had released many number of smartphones but none had not more than 4.5 inches display.The trend to make larger screen display becoming crowded every Qatar.Samsung's giant Galaxy note hit the sales in the market and the Sony,htc,also released the giant smartphones in response. Nokia and Microsoft are well aware about the   demand for massive smartphones in the market -and they are trying to grab a piece of pie.

Recently Nokia relieved the first windows phone  phablet  and that was the Lumia 1520.It is the biggest and more specs heavy windows phone ever.


Nokia lumia 1520 has massive display with 6.0 inches clearblack IPS lcd screen with the resolution of  1,080x1,920 which means it has pixels density of 368 pixels per inch but the pixels density is less than that of note 3 which has the same restitution with screen size 0.3 inches lesser.

To go straight into the point,we love the 1520 display.It offers vibrant colors for a lcd and has a brighter whites than AMOLED  panel in the Samsung's note 3.The viewing angles are better than ever.As it employs IPS lcd technology ,it provides natural looking colors,strong contrast and better potential brightness output.
All this qualities enables superior visibility so there is no need to  constantly shielding it away from the sun.There is no option for manual change of  saturation and screen color temperature in lumia 1520.Then again one of the main advantage of being large screen is gaming and videos viewing.Lumia 1520 gives you a real experience of gaming and video.

Hardware and features

First time windows phone is provided with 2.2Ghz  qualcomm snapdragon quad- core processor featuring the adreno 330 GPU,coupled with 2 gb of ram.
.Nevertheless it has scored 24,761 in  AnTuTu  benchmark test and it is hard to compare with the android directly.It puts neck to neck with Nexus 5.Videos and apps are loaded at lightening speed,photo editing was breeze and the gaming in the six guns is faultless.Feeding the processor and the giant screen it is provided with the 3,400mAh battery which is one of the powerful batteries than any other smartphone around.These batteries is going to keep the phone alive for long time like the old nokia mobiles.

Also on board 1520 has 2gb ram with internal storage memory upto 32gb and it can extended up to 64 gb with micro sd card,7gb of free sky drive storage.Nokia lumia 1520 runs on 8.1 windows version platform.


The nokia lumia 1520 is arguably one of the best camera phone in the market right now.On the rear of the phone it is 20 mega pixels with carl zeiss optics,2X loss less zoom .It has best quality image resolution than any other windows phone.It is complicated and surprising to keep front camera with 1.2 mp snapper.while this isn't take the advantage of Led flash on the back.Overall  it is not impressive than the 1020 or iphone 5s.


1.Extremely long battery life.
2.Rear camera 20mp
3.Large and crisp display.
4.Zippy snapdragon 800 processor.


1. Hard to hold and making call is difficult.
2.Limited app selection.


At the end of the day Nokia lumia is highly competent and thoughtfully designed phablet  device.If the person wants  larger display,extended battery life ,high mega pixels camera and fast CPU then here is the six gun  nokia lumia 1520 ....go fo it.


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