Nov 6, 2013

Nokia Beamer to beam up your display

The Nokia world was just around the corner where Nokia made some very Important announcements like Lumia 1520, Lumia 1320 & the ferocious Lumia 2520. Apart from the sleek & hardcore hardware Nokia is also known as a Company that has always worked out some really smart technologies So as per the reputation Nokia announced the Nokia Beamer the app that will enable you to share your display seamlessly with any other device.

Nokia Beamer will enable you to share your screen with any other display device. Those familiar with the Nokia PhotoBeamer know what was the joy to use that app. As Nokia PhotoBeamer had the power to provide with a functionality of sharing your picture on a larger display device's by scanning the QR code on your screen.

The Nokia Beamer is evolved from the Nokia PhotoBeamer only as it goes one step forward by enabling you to the share your whole display or we can say in the terms of Nokia that it enables you to beam your display to any other device. So if you want to beam you display to other device then just scan the QR code on your screen and just say Hurray as your display will be projected onto that device, I don't feel a need to mention that you will need a fast internet connection for sure.

Nokia Beamer not only works by scanning the QR code but also provide the functionality by sharing the link via email & then share the display. With the Nokia Beamer on your device you can share your screen to as many people as you want without any tussle.

As per the Nokia announcement the Nokia Beamer will be rolled into device with the GRD3 update though the app is listed available in the windows phone store but you can't have it unless upgraded to GDR3 on your Nokia Lumia Device. So wait for some time until this fantasy app rolls out.

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