Nov 20, 2013

MS office Remote: To remotely control Word, Excel & powerpoint from a windows Phone

There were times when even i fumbled giving a presentation & imagined to have a tool that will not only make me look cool but will also increase on productivity. The tussle never ended doesn't matter how many apps i tried though the remote control from Sony did a brief relief but still it wasn't a full packaged app but now it seems like Microsoft has the solution to eradicate all of our worries. So here is the new tool from Microsoft for windows phone users to remotely control Word, Excel & PowerPoint. 

Microsoft Office is the favorite kitty of every computing frenzy guy out here as doesn't matter what's your business or field you can't dent the fact that you don't use the Microsoft office and that sheer awesomeness of Microsoft office can now also be enjoyed on Mobile Phones & for those phone's Microsoft has come up with a new tool that will surely help in increasing the productivity of those mobile office apps. With the MS office remote you can do a number of tasks ranging from editing to controlling the presentations.

MS office Remote is really nice app but before your excitement level matches your testosterone level i should mention that this app works only with the office 2013, doesn't matter even if you got office 2013 RT or other version as it will simply refuse until you can provide it with office 2013.

Considering you got office 2013 the app does look promising. You can use it to navigate between different slides of your presentations in PowerPoint, view slide thumbnails, numbers, speaker notes and the presentation timer on your phone’s screen, and even use your phone as a virtual laser pointer for highlighting the information being discussed on the slide using on-screen touches. In addition to controlling PowerPoint, you can also use the app to remotely change worksheets in Excel using swipe gestures, use Slicers, PivotTable and Filters, navigate the worksheet, jump to different named objects, and zoom in or out.

Lastly, Word isn’t left out of the mix either. You can jump to headings and comments, move between lines and screens, and zoom in our out in your documents.

Apart from the lack of support for older versions of office the MS Office Remote app has several other glitches like app works only over Bluetooth, meaning you’ll need a computer equipped with Bluetooth hardware in order to use the app. It totally beats me why Microsoft couldn’t add the option to make it work over Wi-Fi, but something is better than nothing. The apps requires a add-on to be installed on your PC. Hope they will provide the support for older versions too & will try to make it work with the wifi thing till that time we can just play around with MS office Remote. 

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