Nov 26, 2013

Mozilla is coming up with awesome design

If you are also a tech frenzy guy from the 1990s then you must be aware of the fact that how Mozilla came as the savior when  Netscape was dying & Internet Explorer didn't had much to offer.  Mozilla gave the users a alternative that was much faster than the Internet explorer & was way more secure & stable compared to the Netscape, Since then it's ruling the PC market for sure but then keep on upgrading to newer versions with new features it has become a bit more sluggish with time & now it also seem to be a bit old considering the design aesthetics. So as a result of which Mozilla decided to revamp all of the design & will soon be coming up with the new one.

As per the current trend Mozilla also decided to move to the Flat design & the new version will be based around it only. With the new version Mozilla will try to incorporate more features into the design that will make addons look like the native feature of the browser. Firefox will try to move in the same look & feel across all the devices so that you don't feel like away from home doesn't matter you are using a mobile, tablet or on the home PC.

As per Mozilla following features will be incorporated in new Design

1.It’s the most beautiful and detail-obsessed iteration of Firefox’s visual design yet: modern, clean, and comfortable.
2. More fundamentally, it’s a streamlining and simplification of the default interface, to declutter and better focus on how people use a browser today.
3. Finally, it includes a new simple way to customize the browser and make it your own.

Mozilla will also be incorporating the new tabs that will give the detailed design aesthetic to open tabs & their favicon icon for better view & readability.  Their other approach will be to streamlining the features & presenting them in a simpler way like better bookmarks & Download management. Well it will be injustice if we won't mention the customization capabilities as with new design they will mend more ways to customize it so that end users can make it as per their requirement.      

Though all these features seems to be promising but how they fare up with the new build can only be stated after testing them across multiple platforms so now we are just waiting for their release. 

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