Nov 7, 2013

#MoWithLove app released by Nokia to help you in growing a Moustashe

So it's November and it's time of the year for Movember when we really try hard to grow our moustashe. The movement Movember was started by "Mo's" to spread awareness and raise funds for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health. It's a worthwhile Initiative that can help in raising awareness among men who hardly pay attention to their health.

Oh don't get diverted by reading the above para as we are still a site that writes about technical news so here it goes. The Nokia released an app named with #MoWithLove  to go with the movement of Movember.

So what does this app do? well it helps you in getting your look right and to test different types of moustashe. By using the app #MoWithLove you can try different type of moustashe and then share the result on your respective social networks to ask your friends how you really look.

I think everyone of you must have tried that #2InstaWithLove from Nokia as the #MoWithLove shares the same type of interface as like #2InstaWithLove. So you will have different type of moustashe in place of filters and your feed will be filled by the people who tried the moustashe. So why are you still waiting just go and try #MoWithLove and be a part of Movember movement. Oh i forgot to mention you don't need to be a man to try #MoWithLove as even girls can try how they look with a moustashe.

Nokia also released a website to support #MoWithLove  and show it's feed on web also. So just go and try it.

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