Nov 20, 2013

MetroMail the complete Gmail app for windows phone 8

Windows Phone is awesome & so are the web services from Google but experiencing them on the same device was always a dream but now it seems to be fulfilled as the MetroMail is out which is touted a the full fledged Gmail app. Don't confuse the MetroMail to be a web wrapper as MetroMail is a full fledged Gmail client app. MetroMail is developed by the developer who also developed the Metro Talk which acclaimed pretty much successes as being the Google voip client for windows phone.

Though the app won't make you feel like home at gmail but still it has got a lot of promising features to give you a experience just like the native Gmail. So here is the list of features

  • First-class support for archiving, starred emails, and labels
  • Support for inbox tabs (e.g. Primary, Social, Promotions)
  • No more broken threads when replying to emails
  • Server-side search functionality with support for advanced Gmail search operators
  • Toast notifications support for new emails
  • Support for multiple From addresses within the same account
  • Proper rendering of long HTML emails
  • Possible to concatenate multiple accounts under 1 unread counter (for use with a single live tile or the lock screen).
Guys please don't get carried away by the features of the app as the shocker is about to come because this is not a free app moreover there are also no free trials. Still you can rejoice as the Developer said that he did it on purpose to keep the push requests a bit low, as of now the developer is planning an update plus he may also consider giving a free trial option and if you are lucky then he might also work on a advertisement based free app.

Users don't need to worry about their security & privacy as the application only connects directly to Gmail servers and your password is never seen, processed, or stored by the app. The authentication process is no different than logging into Gmail through your device's web browser.

As of now it feels fine to have this app over the native email app on windows phone 8 but still no sign of gmail app from Maybe they are doing it on purpose as they can't earn anything from Gmail app but they did developed the Google Search on the very first day when windows phone 8 was launched Just because it's the only thing they can earn money from so they won't give any chance to users to run away from them but not developing a Gmail app for windows phone seriously smells the foul play Google is playing.

Doesn't matter what is the inside story for Native Gmail App for windows phone 8 as now users got something to rejoice upon so users go & give MetroMail a try.   

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