Nov 26, 2013

Lockmix: Windows Phone app to add content on lockscreen

Windows Phone & it's lock screen have always been the hot topic to talk about be it the weather apps that offered seamless real life experience or the bing images that always provided beautiful backgrounds. Lockscreen of Windows Phone has always been the playground for developers as they bring out their creative juices to exploit it's functionality. Just like that XPERIENSIS have come up with the Lockmix that will provide you with the functionality that will scale up the lock screen to make it more productive, which is first of it's kind as till now none of the app exploited lockscreen functionality to that level. So what does it offer that we are already going gaga over it, well just read on for the detail & introduction.

Lockmix will provide you with the option to pin apps & widgets to your lockscreen, oh yes we are talking about the lockscreen only as Lockmix does offer the functionality to add widgets to lockscreen. Lockscreen will serve as the app that will change your background but with that comes the added functionality to add widgets to lock screen that will only provide more information & easy access to your data that too without opening up your phone.

Lockmix  turns your lock screen into a grid where you can pin multiple tiles, which are then updated regularly to display various information. Each widget can be independently moved around, resized or configured just like the tiles pinned to your start screen.

The widget selection includes common widgets such as weather, news, appointments or battery, uncommon widgets such as countdown, map, currency or RSS, and even fun widgets such as Chuck Norris facts or famous quotes. As background, you can choose Bing image of the day, solid color fill, custom image, or a collection of custom images that are rotated or shuffled regularly. The application itself and a lot of the widgets are free. Other widgets can be purchased in-app (with trial).

So this app brings too much awesomeness in a single package but please don't get lured by the features as these features will surely come at a cost of heavy data charges as apps will constantly be online to update data as well as this app will also be a battery hogging monster, so move preciously as these turn offs can't be a deal breaker.  

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