Nov 12, 2013

Line, whatsaap & 6Tag for windows phone 8 updated with latest features

These days Smartphone's have become a core element of our life and the thing that runs at the core of these smartphones are apps that not only perform the required tasks but some of them take us to a very eventful needs that are just incorporated into our life by these apps only. The basic thing that run at the back of these apps is their developers who spend their life coding to make our lives easier. To keep these apps afloat & users intact these apps are need to be updated regularly so here we bring you the list of apps that recently got updated with the latest features.

The first app that made to our list of updated apps is Line the IM app that has got capabilities of a small social network in it to connect with people seamlessly. Though the Line is not that much popular as compared to Whatsapp & BBM but still boasts of a decent user base of around 280 million users across all platforms. Though as per listing by Line the latest update included some bug fixes and performance improvement. Though they can't be termed some big update but can still be counted as a major one because performance improvement itself speaks for it.

The second app is the famous cross platform IM app that we were just talking about the famous whatsapp. The whatsapp is the app that single handily revolutionized the IM scene for cross platform apps. Same as Line, whatsapp also listed the updates as bug fixes and Perfromace improvement after adding support for few more languages last week. We are sure there must be few more minor features that whatsapp incorporated under the hood.

The third app that we are listing here is a special one that too for a number of reasons. As it's the only third party app that has got more beautiful UI & competent features then it's native client. Here we are talking about the 6Tag the famous Instagram client developed by Rudy Huyn that received fame globally for it's great UI. Now 6Tag got updated with the feature that will surely be loved by users as it will enable you to hide sponsored posts from your feed. This feature will surely add feathers to the globally acclaimed 6Tag as it's out of the box feature because it is not provided by the native app. Well why would they even think to provide this feature as it will directly impact their earnings.

Though official instagram is about to be released for Windows Phone 8 but I m pretty sure that it have to be bloody nice as it's got a direct competition with 6Tag which have already made a loyal user base and as of now users doesn't feel the need to switch to the native client. We just hope Instagram doesn't use any foul method to move this app out of scene as not only us but everyone loves the app and the efforts put in by the Rudy Huyn to bring the Instagrm for the Windows Phone 8 users.

Hope these apps will keep on updating to bring us the new features. 

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