Nov 26, 2013

LG G2 Review

The South Korean electronic giant LG is updating its smartphone mobile devices in a steady pace in the market.After launching the Optimum G and Optimum G pro but none of them really made an impact on marketshare at all and then it released its G2. LG G2  is clearly an attempt to stop the dominance of  Samsung in  Android arena by boosting a much larger screen than Galaxy S4,a much fast processor and tons of software features included.

It is excellent tactic but it really works for LG?......Lets see the review.


The first impression  you will get when you take the mobile out of box is that you were familiar with the design looks.YES,it look similar to the Galaxy S4.The two things that you will notice when you hold the mobile is light weight nature and almost bezel free display panel.The phone doesn't feel bulky and it perfectly fits in to our hands despite having large screen.

LG chooses a glossy plastic chassis which reminds you the old iphone 3G .The plastic used here is much stronger than Galaxy S4.The back panel of this unit is not up the standard with the price tag of G2.On the closer inspection ,the battery cover has subtle criss-cross  texture to it which is very attractive unless you see that at right angles.

One of the dominating feature of G2 is it has no physical buttons in front or around the device instead the screen lock and volume keys are provided rear side of mobile under camera.The main reason for this because the side bezel is so thin that it couldn't house any keys and the other reason is since the index finger is always remain in the side ways while holding or using the phone it may touch the volume keys or lock screen buttons.To avoid this they provided at rear.Its an innovative design.The shape of the buttons makes easily distinguish with out looking at it.There is also disadvantage with buttons provided at the rear is you constantly touch the camera lens when you use the buttons and you must  spend time cleaning the  lens regularly  before taking shots.Its an innovative idea but  iam not convinced with the buttons placing at rear rather than side ways.Also,you cant take battery cover off the G2 so,the battery is not accessible and it is the first LG phone with no micro SD slot for card.


The LG G2 sports has a 5.2 inch full HD IPS LCD display ,with a pixel density of 423 pixels per inch(ppi).
The G2 comes with corning's gorilla glass 3 protection against scratches.The screen is bright with text and crispy looking  images.Colours looked vivid and little over saturated which means the images shot with this phone look little different from other phones.

The device delivers greater viewing angle and video experience is quite well.The important feature of display is LG has introduced a 'double-tap' wake-up and sleep command for this model.Although,it  works only on the blank section of the home screen. It is outstanding  for outdoor use also even under bright sunlight you can clearly see the screen with proper brightness settings.Overall,it is good display from LG with large,crisp and bright.

Software/User interface and performance

LG G2 runs on Android 4.2.2 jelly bean ,it is disappointment that we all expected it will come with Android 4.3 which is latest version of OS.LG has added its own optimus Ul layer on the top,changing the look of interface and customize the phone according to users liking. Ul skin is pretty easy on the eye,and doesn't alter the core appearance of Android as much as Samsung's  touch-wiz or HTC sense does.

The phone includes the smart screen the screen remains on until you looks at it.It was firstly introduced in Samsung galaxy S3.It also offers smart video,which automatically stops when you look away from it.
It enables us to customize the front navigation buttons on the screen and we can set default font style and size,choose the LED light on the home button and correct the aspect ratio of downloaded apps.

On the LG G2 we can choose different wallpapers and two different visual themes ,each with different icon set You can have up to seven screens with different widgets and app shortcuts.It als included large number of settings in Notification tray.Overall,it has tried a different interface for users.

G2 is boasts with most powerful Qualcomm processor that is presently available in the market,the snapdragon 800.It clocks at 2.26 GHZ with 2GB of RAM and an Adreno 330 chip for processing the graphics.It has either 16 GB or 32 GB internal memory variants,unfortunately it has no micro sd slot or removable battery.The gaming experience in G2 was pretty good with games like Temple run 2,sub way-surfers etc.   

The G2 comes with giant 3000mAh battery which gives you extended backup.In my usage it lasted up to day and half with medium usage including 2 hours of phone calls,playing games,playing music,fb and twitter notifications and clicking few pics.It also has battery save mode which enables extended battery life.
G2 also NFC capabilities for sharing the files through Android  beam .


Unlike the biggest rivals like Samsung and Sony, LG  don't have the much attractive photo department.They said there is something impressive hardware sound in the camera but The LG G2 comes with 13 megapixel rear camera in -line with the Galaxy Note 3 and 2.1 mega pixel front camera.Video recording can be done at 1080p which is quite encouraging.It include features like turn flash off/on,HDR,panorama,VR panorama,Dynamic tone,Beauty shot,Intelligent auto etc.The camera app offers settings for voice activated shutter.

They are not terrible photos but they are not great either too.They are adequate for snapping  the surrounding use but the problem with resolving mixed light temperature and clear pixlation which we cant depend on G2  for nail the movement.  The quality of photos taken  in sufficient light are very good.When you try to take photos with little light and without flash it cant deliver good pics.Overall,the camera quality is not up to the mark when compared with NOTE 3.


  • Greater hardware performance
  • Brilliant display
  • Good battery life.


  • plastic back panel
  • No micro sd slot

price: 41,500


At the end of day,The LG G2 is a pretty solid flagship phone at present.It has got gorgeous screen,great camera,smooth,thanks to snapdragon 800 for maximum performance ,slim and light weight which fix into pocket and excellent battery life.With the price tag it cheaper than Galaxy note 3 and sony xperia Z 1 and it offers present hardware chip available in the market.With the G2,LG has done a fantastic job and it will be best competitor for samsung in the market.

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