Nov 15, 2013

Lenovo launches Yoga Tablet

Aiming at a higher market share, leading personal computer maker Lenovo today announced the launch of its new Yoga Tablet priced between Rs 22,999 to Rs 28,999. Yoga Tablet has been ergonomically designed to aid a longer and comfortable Tablet viewing experience. It is priced at Rs 22,999 and Rs 28,999, for the 20.3 cm and 25.4 cm models, respectively, the company officials said.

The Cylinder like structure changes the weight distribution for enhanced usage in every mode  that is it keeps it steady in standby mode and comfort and balanced in hold mode and tilt mode respectively.The Battery lasts longer than a standard tablet that is upto 18 hours.The Dolby Digital Plus incorporated front speakers have improved the clarity and the sound performance.The most interesting feature is the built in kickstand that opens to let the table stand on its own.The Smart Bluetooth keyboard also works as a magnetized cover to protect your device.

".....according to IDC report- in the tablet space we assumed 3 per cent market share in the last quarter and we have moved to 14.3 per cent, a very strong number two position just in a span of 2-3 months," Lenovo India Director (Consumer Business) Shailendra Katyal told reporters on the sidelines of launch event here.

He said "This is happening because we are investing into business- in terms of promotion and building our retail presence also in terms of product portfolio; ....This quarter absolutely with this new launch- the differentiated products that we are bringing in, our product portfolio will go up to six products." "Increasing market share with launch of new products is our ambition, lot depends on how the market takes the new products....let's see how market responds to it....," he said.

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