Nov 27, 2013

kano Computing: the new way to learn coding & development of computers

As a kid building my own system was the biggest fantasy i had & it is still one, well it is still a desire because when i was using the desktop system i never got the opportunity & enough skills and when i acquired both of them i was already involved with the laptops which offered a lot more meaner & sleeker way to computing. But in all that tussle that desire of building my own system is still burning down somewhere is my heart & just like me there are other tech frenzy guys who got this dream, but now these desires will see the new light as Kano Computing have come up with a solution to make our own system, So read on to find how does that fare up to fulfill our longish desires.

The kano Computing has come up with a way that will not only revolutionize the way we develop our systems but will also enable kids & other tech savvy people to learn & build their own systems. With the Kano Computing kit you not only get a kit to develop your own system but also the learning methodologies to build your own system. By just looking at their site you can figure out how desperate they are to teach people about building their own systems.

Kano computer kit is built using Raspberry Pi, a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It is a wholesome product, brought to light by applying design thinking principles and using open source resources. Kano represents the emerging trend of technological innovation in hardware, and takes out the complexity of putting together your own computer, thereby giving a sense of accomplishment to every user .

Kano Computing is not just about teaching people how to build their own system but they are also looking forward to teach kids how to code. Well if this initiative works out well then it can really solve the basic problem of teaching kids how to code.

This initiative just seems to be impressive as it will surely fulfill the desire of kids who want to tech savvy later in their future, so lets just get our kit ordered & start building with it.   

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