Nov 14, 2013

Jolla to be released with Here Maps & Yandex's App Store

Nokia is always known to be the house of innovation and Jolla is another example of that. Jolla was created by the people who parted ways from Nokia after they abandoned the Meego OS, So after that few creative folks came together to build Jolla & extend the Meego OS that showed the potential of being a awesome mobile OS. As jolla is expected to be released by the end of year the company released few more developments that will come with the Jolla phone and here they are.

Everyone of us love the best of many worlds put together and seems as if the team at Jolla is working hard to provide that by putting the things together and now they have come up with the Here maps & Yandex's android app store. As we know the Nokia powered Here maps are the best in the world as they have the capability to provide navigation even without a internet connection and that might be the reason jolla went with them. They already mentioned that their OS will support the android apps too so they went with the Yandex's android app store instead of the native one from Google play.

Having Here maps in the Jolla OS will mean too much goodness put together as we know that Jolla powered Sailfish OS is an extended version of Meego OS only which was developed in the house of Nokia a few years ago before Nokia was bitten by the Windows Phone bug. Including the Here maps will be nice idea as at the core their code will be working as the native one.

When people from Jolla team announced that they will provide support for android apps too meant that they will also be including an android app store with the phone OS and now they have announced that they are going with the Yandex's app store instead of native google play store from Google. There might be various reasons ranging from the patent issues or having the more control but it's for sure that providing the support for android apps means launching with the ace of spades, As the only problem new platforms suffer while starting up is the number of apps they have. Yandex's app store already house around 70K android apps with the likes of Facebook, twitter and other famous apps and is growing steadily. So having Yandex as the app store will mean Jolla OS will not thrive by the shortage of apps in the initial years and as the Jolla OS will grow Developers will also show support and develop for it.

Doesn't matter how much market share it will have but one thing it will make sure is that users will get another option to choose from when they want to buy new smartphone and from a little taste of Meego i had it's pretty easy to state that the Jolla OS will be fun too. So now all i will do is wait for it like we wait for a morning of the Spring.

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