Nov 21, 2013

Instagram arrived for the Windows Phone 8 Officially

So the wait is over & Windows Phone users have the goodness of Instagarm that too officially. Just a day after the Word "Selfie" received the honour for being  the most famous word of the year app that made it famous has also landed for the Windows Phone too. Now users will not feel left out by an app that should be on Lumia Series considering their Imaging capabilities. So What made them to finally bring in a windows phone based app maybe the streak to get the last chunk of users on board who had the awesomeness of Windows Phone but still living in the absence of Instagram.

The first feeling of having Instagram on Windows Phone is that finally we have it but if you have already used it on iOs or Android then you won't feel anything new here. Though the Instagram for Windows Phone holds the Metro look but the interface is still the same as on Android & iOS. Instagram launched the app with the beta tag and a message that "We are still not done" meaning they will be working hard to bring in more features to the app.

The important feature on which Instagram still missed out for windows phone is that the capability to upload videos. Though no reason was stated for the same but it is a fact to debate upon that despite working for months they can't bring in a full fledged app whereas there is Rudy Huyn who created the unofficial official client named 6Tag with full features, actually with a lot more feature. So what is stopping Instagram from creating a full fledged app, Well that is still a mystery but at least they released the app as of now to give a breather to windows phone users.

Instagram for windows phone got all the filters as seen on android & iOS but as the app is still in Beta so you may experience a few glitches, as per my first experience the app seems to be okay but just ok as there is nothing to go Gaga over it. Instagram for windows phone still doesn't give the native like feel maybe because it just a version 1 of the app or maybe because Instagram need to work upon the metro & flat thing a lot deeper. One appreciable thing they did is to include the push notification thing. 

As we know Instagram doesn't need much introduction except that now it is on windows phone also & will soon be incorporating more features into it. So just grab the Instagram Beta for Windows Phone & enjoy the selfies. 

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