Nov 23, 2013

How to develop a mobile website?

Over the years the number of mobile users and the mobile apps have increased to an extent that web designers cannot ignore it. In developed countries accessibility of high-end phones and augmented technologies led to the paradigm shift which is further fueled by faster mobile broadband connections available at much cheaper rates. Large numbers of buyers are overlooking their previous desire of buying computers and laptops and have shown interest in latest mobiles that are not only handy but also furnish quick internet access.

The world today has more than 5.9 billion mobile phone users and the number is steadily growing every minute. Out of the large chunk making fierce use of the device, 20% of them browse internet via mobile. The gadget has evolved as the major platform that has benefitted many companies, who have already come up with mobile websites. Mobile sites are not only in fad but it has been anticipated that they are emerging as the necessity and will tend to augment the internet standards. Big tech players have team of professionals indulged in developing websites to facilitate a unique user interface for the customers across the globe. The rise of mobile apps and websites proves to benefit the end users by large and at the same time seems to boost the demand for web designer job aspirants.

Mobile website designing

Users are looking for mobile websites that delivers an intuitive user interface, much simpler to use yet endlessly powerful. Mobile world incorporates some complexities which will be difficult to accommodate for the developers, thus updations and research will be required.
Developers ought to keep end customers in mind before staring up the construction job. The key difference between the mobile internet users and computer browsers is that mobile user’s use internet when they are walking, travelling, standing in queue while the computer users use it when they are stationary.

Key Factors for Mobile Website Designing 

Before you actually kick start with your web designer to construct a website, you need to understand the construction set up used for computer browser is not compatible with the mobile website. You need to follow the accessibility design guidelines which are set up by the W3C.
Affirm that the construction for mobile website assure quick downloading as mobile users who access internet via data plans cannot download the websites quickly so this aspect should be thoroughly looked into.
Use coding in XML or XHTML with the characters encoding being set as UTF-8
Make use of CSS to bring maximum compatibility and avoid tables.
Different screen sizes of different mobiles ensure that so start with “Fluid” concept in mind.
Highlight the important tabs like site search and navigation so that the user doesn’t find any problem in navigation. Make it user-friendly
Click targets should be contemplated. Ensure 30-40 px in size and bring in white spaces  between the elements to bring in compatibility
Reduce the size of the images. 
It will be difficult to use forms on the mobile device, you can offer the convenience of radio buttons to the user.
Most browsers don’t accept plug-in or extension. Don’t Forget.
Avoid loading it with unnecessary graphics. Remember phrase less is more goes completely true here. 

Web designers and the boost

With rise in demand for mobile apps and mobile website designing, the demand for web designers is increasing. Experienced professionals who can deliver competency and high quality results remain high in demand. Web designer’s jobs open wide opportunities before the clan of professionals and high salary packages.

Author Bio

Subhadra Bhadauria is dedicated writer with renowned job site and apprises the readers about the mobile websites and rise in web designing jobs due to the surge felt. The writer has done her masters in mass communication and engages herself in novel writings


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