Nov 19, 2013

'GT Racing 2' Mobile Game Review

Gameloft,the leading video games developer has recently reveals most realistic racing game "GT RACING 2" for both ios and Android platforms.Gameloft is well known for Asphalt series of arcade racing games.

It is clear that this time Gameloft has EA's Real racing 3 in its sight.It is one of the top mobile game this week both in android and ios platforms.Now lets see how it performs.


GT Racing 2 offers the real car experience  pleasure.It involves racing on the tracks rather than on the streets and uses most realistic physics and excellent  aerodynamics.This game offers 67 different cars from 35 manufacturers it includes popular cars such as Mercedes Benz,dodge,Audi,so on.Therefore it offers wide selection of cars.Coming to game modes it has Dues,classic races and overtakes,there are 1,400 events which allowed you to duel in the competition.
To improve the driving skills ,it has got 28 new challenges.As usual it is effortless at the beginning and as the game progresses it makes you little work to get expensive cars.If you want to see the spectacular vehicle interior there are four different cameras to view it all.These game also got varieties of tracks and four weather settings.It gives you a real driving scenario and pleasure.

There is no surprises in controls of the game you can choose to steer by tilt or a virtual steering wheel ,auto acceleration and  brakes or manual acceleration and brakes.You can also choose which assists you want depending on your driving style and level of commitment to racing games.
This game is more challenging ,you can play the game solo or you can play it with friends using multiplayer mode more-ever you can compete with other players in the world in other ways you can join with the teams that have the same goals. Compared with real racing 3, Real racing 3 has done fantastic job like vehicle dynamics and realistic driving experience and difficulty than gameloft but thanks to gt racing 2 doesnt has much wait time for repairs after each race that is something gt racing should proud of.

Graphics and sounds

GT  racing 2 gives you fantastic looks.Cars look good and it has got pretty good camera angles.The climate conditions gives you realistic driving pleasure.Surprisingly, there is no smoke from the wheels on either version of the game and overall it doesn't look much effective than Asphalt 8.

In general the sound makes the gamers tend to play.GT racing 2 give us a good engine sound,wheel spin noise,drag sound and braking sound which makes to play.It has done a good job.


At the end of the day,GT racing 2 is really a good  racing game.Although it is free game ,it is simple,  enjoyable.Compared with real racing 3 it is bent more towards arcade side game.Real racing 3 has done fantastic job like vehicle dynamics and realistic driving experience and difficulty than gameloft.If you play more real racing 3 then you will not go much for gt racing 2.


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