Nov 7, 2013

Google+ Picture will soon be the picture for your Number

Just a few days ago Google launched the Google Nexus 5 powered by the Android KitKat. With the launch of Android Kitkat a plethora of other features were also announced. The new feature's also include the new dialer app which is rumored to be secretly building a phone number database maybe like truecaller but we are pretty sure that it will surely be result in something beneficial for Users.

 According to the recent trend on the twitter i have noticed that Google is building another service that will store your phone numbers and then utilize them for a number of purposes. Now they will be for the Google's purpose or for the Users can only answered by the Google but one thing is for sure that will be useful in a way or the other.

So regarding that news only and the new features in Android Kitkat Google will be rolling out a new feature that will enable users to have their Google plus profile as the contact picture while calling. All you need to do that is add a verified number with your Google plus profile and you are good to go, the next time you will call someone who doesn't have you in his contact list can see your picture. The Google said it will prove to be beneficial as we would be allowed to know who is on the other side before picking up the call.

To me it clearly appears like the True caller thing but it does have a more verified approach unlike the True caller which collects data on the user Input.

In a way Google is enabling you to take control of how your picture appears on the other phone while calling. Though there is no specific release data for this feature but we can expect the early 2014 as anything late than that might not prove successful as the competition is very stiff. Still Google have not verified that other than Android Kitkat which other versions of Android will support it but we are sure it will be rolled out for everyone version present here.


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