Nov 26, 2013

Google got Scroogled: Yet again

There is nothing new about the tech giant wars as from time to time they have always launched attacks on one other but this time Microsoft seems to be a bit serious about it's Scroogled campaign against the Google over their data theft issues as this time Microsoft have come up heavily armed with destructive weapon's in it's arsenal to defame the Internet Giant Google. So in this article we will discuss what this fuss of Scroogled is all about & why Microsoft is raging a war against this tech giant.

Microsoft has raged a sincere war against the Google with their Scroogled campaign in which they are offering the products marked with the scroogled logo & quotes against the google with various products ranging from Mugs to Caps & t shirts. All of these products got the scroogled logo & quotes which directly hit the folly in Google products blaming them of cheating with their loyal customers with not so optimized  services or data theft. All these products can be bought from the Microsoft store or the Website they created to run their campaign. 

So what made Microsoft to come up with such campaign, well here is my logic "Microsoft seemed to be one holy angel serving up the people with it's software & services that people loved world wide until Google came up with Google search to serve the demands of increasing web services that only resulted into more such services by Google which then took over most of the internet & got a large chunk of market they could have been also ruled by Microsoft, So it was obvious that Google served up as the demon in their profit strategy".

Though as stated above I also believe in that reason only like many people. As a news analyst we need to report without any partiality so without harming the dignity of Techtantrik i would like to post some of my views as a normal user about this scroogled campaign & here they are:-
  • Even i feel scroogled by the user as i hardly use their service of gmail but whenever i use their google ads just come up all over the screen that too related to the content in my mails so no doubt they are reading my mails.
  • They never show the fair results as only 33% of search results are fair which clearly says other part is paid one.
  • Their new interface doesn't state a difference between ads & data so a naive user will surely be misguided.
  • Google plus seems to be perfect tool to communicate with people who work at Google, means doesn't matter i follow them or not their feed will surely spam up my profile.
  • A firm claims to be open source but doesn't really share their native code with us.

So here were some personal facts & experiences about the scrooogled campaign, do feel free to tell us about your views on it. 

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