Nov 10, 2013

DSLR camera with a budget of INR 20K

Ravi Purohit
Ques. I would like to buy a decent DSLR camera with a budget of INR 20K. Please advise?

ANS. If you are looking for a DSLR in the starting range then it's pretty sure you are not a pro photographer, well i don't want to play a guessing game here but we adhere by rules to provide you the best solutions so regarding your query here is the solution.

Looking at the current scenario there is no DSLR that can be bought in the range of 20K, well leave 20K apart as buying a DSLR in 25K is even a tough choice because basic range starts from a 25K only and if you are looking for a decent cam then you surely don't want to go for those.

As your interest suggests  i would recommend you buying a better point & shoot camera that you can easily get in under 17K that too of premium quality. Having a point & shoot of premium range can surely give you experience of having a basic DSLR. So for that i would recommend Fujifilm HS25EXR that you can easily get under 17K and will surely give you a niche experience.

As for learning or starting purpose it will be a great thing to try and then go on as it will surely help you in getting the things right like the exposure value, ISO and the shutter speed. If you can have these three things right then you can head straight to be a pro photographer & then buy a decent DSLR.

If you still want a DSLR then go for Canon EOS 1100D or Nikon D3100 as both of them are available under 25K only and can be trusted for starting up purposes. But still my advice goes for buying a decent point & shoot then after some experience go for a decent DSLR as that will surely save up your money because with decent DSLR you may skip the basic lenses as they come bundled within the camera only.

Choice is your's as we have suggested all of the possible options out there. Hope that will prove useful to you.

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