Nov 6, 2013

Aria the Siri like personal assistant for windows phone available free for one day

I think everyone of us just loved the way Siri worked and we would love it even more if we have something like that for windows Phone 8 too. I think it's time when our woes will end as there is Aria the voice based personal assistant for windows phone 8.

I know it will still sound like a fantasy to many folks around here but trust me I m not kidding as the App we got here named Aria really works as your personal for windows phone 8. Though there are a number of other apps for doing the same on windows phone 8 but Aria sounds a bit different as it uses the native Windows Phone Speech recognition instead of processing on online Servers. So in that way it will not only use lesser data compared to the other apps but will also be a bit faster than the others.

The one thing that really sets it apart from other apps is that Aria is not only good for US or UK English but works well with the Indian Accent also.

As of now, the app offers limited functionality and still miss  out on number of features like email and calendar support. However, the app allows you to call a contact by name or look up the contact’s email address, translate English to other languages, lookup weather, open common settings, and say random things to you if you are in mood for a conversation.

One more thing to cheer about the Aria is that it is free for one day so why are you still reading it just go and grab the app now. You can download the Windows Phone 8 app from here free till 7:30 PM IST (2:00 PM GMT) tomorrow. The app goes for $0.99 usually.

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