Nov 6, 2013

After Google Hangouts here come the helpouts

Google is always known to solve the daily problems of it's loyal users doesn't matter what creepy methods it uses to achieve the goals. Now with the announcement of Google Helpouts it is again making waves as the Google helpouts will be a service that will give you live chat support. Google Helpouts will enable people from across the globe to connect with experts using Helpouts on a number of issues like advice or Medical Help.

We all know Google as the king of Internet or we can Say the only company that has become synonymous with Internet as without the Search facility provided by this Tech Giant Google our Internet will be a messy world without addresses. So we know Google is answering our questions from over a decade and now people at Google have decided to even solve our problems more personally that too with keeping every single individual out here in mind.

So Google Helpouts will be a service that will enable you to talk to a person from a relative field of your problem and will surely guide you about your queries. In Google Helpouts google will be rolling in the experts who will be there to answer your queries in person over a video session. As of now Google have Invited around 1000 companies to become a part of this project and provide services to users ranging on a number of fields. Though it will be a Invite only venture for service providers but seems Google will need them in many.

So how does it work for Google, Well for helping out people Google will be helping itself by employing it's number of service. Like for a video session you will be using the Google hangouts, If you want to search for a particular session then you have to use the Google search to find it, For the payment of session you have to use Google wallet as any other service is not supported by Google Helpouts as of now. Moreover Google will be getting a 20% cut from the amount that is being paid to firms for a session.

It might sound a totally for profit venture from Google, but if implemented properly then it can surely be a trendsetter for solving the queries that too without moving an inch from your place, but hey wait aren't we at Techtantrik doing the same for technical queries.

So now if you do need to have a expert advice on some topic then head over to Google Helpouts for a session, If you are lucky then you may find free session on it or find someone worth the money you are paying for it.

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