Nov 21, 2013

6Snap the Unofficial Snapchat Client for Windows Phone 8 is available now

Snapchat was the only app that was missing from the windows phone arsenal after the official release of Instagram earlier this morning. Seems as if Windows Phone users are experiencing the early Christmas as just a few hours ago it was Instagram & now it's the unofficial client for the Snapchat. The Snapchat is the famous photo messaging app that allows you to delete photos after a certain predetermined time frame. Till now Snapchat didn't had a official client for Windows Phone, well they still don't have one but to end the vows we have an unofficial client now named as 6Snap.

If you are a windows phone frenzy that you must be aware about the Rudy Huyn who single hand idly developed the unofficial clients for Vine, Instagram, 9GAG & now he has come up with a client for SnapChat calling it the 6Snap. No one can deny the fact that Rudy Huyn is the guy who worked hard to keep windows phone alive with his apps & he is too good because where firms take months to launch their official clients he does that in weeks, like we saw with the 6Tag & now for 6Snap. Well we can praise the Rudy Huyn all day but before that lets talk about the 6Snap app.
The 6Snap is armed with features to manage your privacy settings, background agents for notifications, and even the Story mode, 6snap has all of the top design aesthetics that fans of Huyn’s work have come to expect.

So here is the list of features in 6Snap version 1.0

  • Share pictures and videos with Snapchat users
  • Post snaps on your story
  • See stories, best friends and score of your friends
  • Draw and add text to your pictures
  • Search Snapchat for friends on your phone
  • Save your picture on your phone
  • Front and back camera support
  • Manage your Snapchat privacy
  • Notifications with custom ringtone.
There is not much to write about the app as everyone around here knows about the Snapchat & by now you must have come to know how well Rudy Huyn works so the app will surely be a masterpiece. As we know Snapchat is a simple concept of photo messaging with a self destruct feature but the 6Snap has got a lot more to offer within the app and as promised by Rudy Huyn a lot is about to come.

As said 6Snap got some exclusive features compared to the native Snapchat & here they are

  • Lens support
  • Extend the picture hub (share menu, etc..)
  • Live tile
So doesn't matter if this is an unofficial version as far as it is solving the purpose of having the complete haul of famous apps. The thing about Apps from Rudy Huyn is that apps like 6sec, 6tag & 6Snap has got more features then their native apps so windows phone users can rejoice as they can get the native or official apps but Android & iOS users will never taste the apps from Rudy Huyn. So now post selfies to Instagram or Snapchat as windows Phone got the both of them. 

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