Nov 30, 2013

Tata Docomo offers cheapest Dongle!!!!

Tata Docomo has launched a wi-fi dongle, which it claimed would cost up to 50% less than the competitors’ offerings and it is  looking to consolidate its market leadership in the dongle business,In recent months this is the second dongle offering by the company and is priced at Rs 1,999, and features phase 2 Rev-B technology.

Nov 28, 2013

Budget wifi modem for Airtel Boradband in price bucket of 1500-200 Rs

vinay kumar
Ques. hi tech tantrik pls suggest me a budget wifi modem for my airtel braodband !!!
1500 - 2000 rs !!!

ANS. Considering the fast paced life we live these days Phone's & Computing devices have become essential part of our life but the thing that makes them essential part of our life is the Internet running at their core to keep as afloat with the fast paced world, but if that internet is not fast enough or have issues then it can also become the headache of or life. So to solve that problem we get internet connection but with that internet connection the In house produced device Binatone wifi router from Airtel doesn't fare well with our needs so to get rid of that we are providing you with the choice of another few wifi routers with modem that will subsequently serve up to your needs so here is our showdown of those with modem wifi routers.

Jolla's first Sailfish Phone out now

It's official now. The first sailfish OS powered phone is out now. Developed by the Ex-Nokia Employees the first phone from Jolla is powered by the Sailfish OS that is developed using the core of the Meego OS. As we mentioned in the news few days ago that Sailfish OS will support the android apps & will also have the power of the Here maps from Nokia. So lets find out what does this phone have to offer which is powered by picking the best things from around the tech world.

Lumia 525 announced with more memory than Lumia 520

When Windows Phone & Microsoft were struggling to gain some thrust in the mobile market, Nokia come up with a weapon armed to take the world with surprise by launching the Lumia 520 which really proved to be a game changer for the windows phone as it not only became the most selling Windows Phone ever but also proved tech pundits wrong about their misconception that Microsoft & Nokia can't really challenge the android in low segment phone's. But now as a little transformation is evident to stay afloat the market so even Lumia 520 need a change not only on cosmetic basis but also with some power in it's core so that's the reason they have decided to Launch Lumia 525 in the market.So just keep reading in the flow what does Nokia is coming up with power change in it's most trusted device.

Nov 27, 2013

Cancel vibration on back key and change the ringtone using memory card on Lumia 520

Rob Frs
Ques. On Nokia lumia 520 - How to cancel vibration on back key and change the ringtone using memory card

ANS. No Doubt smartphones are integral part of our life considering the utilities & services they offer but on a number of occasions these features become a headache as we struggle hard to disable them but hardly find any solution as some of them are OEM specific but then here at Techtantrik we try to solve the problem in every way we can.

kano Computing: the new way to learn coding & development of computers

As a kid building my own system was the biggest fantasy i had & it is still one, well it is still a desire because when i was using the desktop system i never got the opportunity & enough skills and when i acquired both of them i was already involved with the laptops which offered a lot more meaner & sleeker way to computing. But in all that tussle that desire of building my own system is still burning down somewhere is my heart & just like me there are other tech frenzy guys who got this dream, but now these desires will see the new light as Kano Computing have come up with a solution to make our own system, So read on to find how does that fare up to fulfill our longish desires.

Nov 26, 2013

Nokia music is now Nokia MixRadio

Changing is the never lasting way to produce innovative products & the one who doesn't change is regarded as the fool, so to prove that statement our favorite music app on windows phone has also changed & changed for good. So as a result of that change we now have Nokia MixRadio instead of the good old Nokia Music. So continue to read on what does newly branded app of Nokia MixRadio has to offer.

Google got Scroogled: Yet again

There is nothing new about the tech giant wars as from time to time they have always launched attacks on one other but this time Microsoft seems to be a bit serious about it's Scroogled campaign against the Google over their data theft issues as this time Microsoft have come up heavily armed with destructive weapon's in it's arsenal to defame the Internet Giant Google. So in this article we will discuss what this fuss of Scroogled is all about & why Microsoft is raging a war against this tech giant.

Lockmix: Windows Phone app to add content on lockscreen

Windows Phone & it's lock screen have always been the hot topic to talk about be it the weather apps that offered seamless real life experience or the bing images that always provided beautiful backgrounds. Lockscreen of Windows Phone has always been the playground for developers as they bring out their creative juices to exploit it's functionality. Just like that XPERIENSIS have come up with the Lockmix that will provide you with the functionality that will scale up the lock screen to make it more productive, which is first of it's kind as till now none of the app exploited lockscreen functionality to that level. So what does it offer that we are already going gaga over it, well just read on for the detail & introduction.

Mozilla is coming up with awesome design

If you are also a tech frenzy guy from the 1990s then you must be aware of the fact that how Mozilla came as the savior when  Netscape was dying & Internet Explorer didn't had much to offer.  Mozilla gave the users a alternative that was much faster than the Internet explorer & was way more secure & stable compared to the Netscape, Since then it's ruling the PC market for sure but then keep on upgrading to newer versions with new features it has become a bit more sluggish with time & now it also seem to be a bit old considering the design aesthetics. So as a result of which Mozilla decided to revamp all of the design & will soon be coming up with the new one.

Wickedleak Launches Wammy Titan 3 for Rs 16,990

Wickedleak has launched a new slim smartphone and successor to the Titan 2 for Rs 16,990-The wammy Titan 3.The handset now can be pre-booked via the official website and shipping will be started from December 1.The wammy Titan 3 phablet runs on Andriod 4.2.1 jelly bean and there is currently no word on upgrade ability yet.

Winamp is closing down on December 20th

It was clear that good things are coming to an end when Microsoft announced that they are closing the support for Windows XP & now this Piece of news from AOL stating that they will be closing the Winamp from December 20 onwards. If you are a computer frenzy guy from the late 1990s then you must be aware about the goodness of Winamp. The good old winamp which was known to be home of all music frenzy guys as it not only offered to play your music but also offered the web music services, but now they will be just in memories as it's closing down on 20th December.

LG G2 Review

The South Korean electronic giant LG is updating its smartphone mobile devices in a steady pace in the market.After launching the Optimum G and Optimum G pro but none of them really made an impact on marketshare at all and then it released its G2. LG G2  is clearly an attempt to stop the dominance of  Samsung in  Android arena by boosting a much larger screen than Galaxy S4,a much fast processor and tons of software features included.

Nov 25, 2013

SkyDrive to be renamed as the "NewDrive" in UK

The most emphasized or overrated thing in the tech world is the "Patents" as of now. By that statement i don't mean to say that i don't care about the Patents or don't know about their credibility but considering past few years then patents have themselves violated the whole ecosystem. Talking about the tittle then this time the Microsoft is the victim in this case, Oh yes you got it right this time it's Microsoft the very famous firm which earned a lot from it's patent portfolio but now suffering as the victim of patent issues & as of result of which they will be renaming their famous cloud service skydrive as NewDrive in UK.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Unvieled

Samsung today launched the second generation of  Galaxy grand 2 that features several improvements over its predecessor.To start up its design features it has provided with a stitching pattern around the Faux leather back similar to the Galaxy Note 3.

Telegram is coming to Windows Phone

Oh please don't get me wrong after reading the title as we are not talking about the traditional telegram, we are talking about about the Telegram app that is giving all other cross platforms messaging apps run for their money and now good news is that it is coming for windows phone in January after hitting a successes tip on Android & iOS. So how it is different from others & what benefits it will offer to users that can upset the likes of Whatsapp, Wechat & Line, Well read on to find out.

The Story of Nokia StoryTeller beta

Smartphone's have become a integral part of our life now a days, be it the case of using them for work, study or get accompanied while going for a holiday. While on a vacation we use them for different purpose ranging from navigation, searching hotels or cheap deals, or using their camera to collect the precious memories. Well as we just mentioned the memories then one thing that always seems to bug around with them is proper way to store or present them but seems this problem will soon be another lost story as Nokia has just come up with a nice concept of showing around your vacation trip or just any other picture story. Nokia just developed the Nokia StoryTeller app that helps you to showcase those precious memories in a nice way, So what does the app got? Well let's find out.

Nov 24, 2013

SwipeNEarn - An app that pays you to slide your lockscreen !

Another first of a kind app in the world pioneered by our very own Saransh Sidhu.

In his own words "We get Ideas randomly & Just like that even we got hit by an Idea Bug that let us to create the uber awesomeness. An app that will pay you just to slide your lock screen, we will serve ads to your screen so that you can not only be entertained but also earn from them, Use them for recharge, shopping, buying games & for other beautiful things."

Nov 23, 2013

How to develop a mobile website?

Over the years the number of mobile users and the mobile apps have increased to an extent that web designers cannot ignore it. In developed countries accessibility of high-end phones and augmented technologies led to the paradigm shift which is further fueled by faster mobile broadband connections available at much cheaper rates. Large numbers of buyers are overlooking their previous desire of buying computers and laptops and have shown interest in latest mobiles that are not only handy but also furnish quick internet access.

Waze in Windows Phone 8 Stores Now

It's been a big month for Windows Phone 8 users. Apps are increasing day by day. Following the launch of the instagram, Waze a traffic and navigation service also introduced to Windows Phone platform. Waze is now available in windows phone stores for free.

UC Browser 9.4 is available for Android

UC browser ,the Chinese browser company released an update version for Android users.The new UC browser comes with many new features and it includes support for latest Android 4.4 kitkat operating system.It also supports Hindi language and it is now available to download from Google play.

Nov 22, 2013

Karbonn Titanium S7 up for pre-order for Rs.14,999

Karbonn ,the mobile manufacturer has now entered into full hd smartphone arena by unveiling the Titanium S7 in India markets.Currently it is listed on Flipkart website for pre-order at Rs.14,999.The listing clear says that it will be released in 5th week of November,2013.

HTC launched HTC ONE MAX Phablet at Rs. 61,490

The Taiwanese mobile gaint HTC has launched its One max phablet in India at a MRP of  Rs 61,490 and a best buy price of  Rs 56,490.

The Fuss & Hype about Bitcoins

Now & then world has always been strived for a payment system that will serve the need of many without poising much problems but every attempt in that direction has raised issues that always left the void wide open. Be it the case of exchange rate, credit cards or debit cards every system has ended up in foil a way or the other. So the search for perfect one is still on or we may consider it done as of now just because a Startup that introduced the peer to peer digital currency named as the Bitcoins. So what does Bitcoins has to offer, can we use that it?, Will it be safe to use bitcoins for transcations?, Well we will surely get into the details to provide you with the detailed solution about the Bitcoin fuss.

Nov 21, 2013

Tata Docomo offers free Talktime

In order to attract customers into watching advertisement . Tata Docomo recently introduced Get-
Geteasytalktime service.It has announced this free talktime service  in partnership with mADcall.For each advertisement viewed ,the service provider will provide one minute for free talktime.

6Snap the Unofficial Snapchat Client for Windows Phone 8 is available now

Snapchat was the only app that was missing from the windows phone arsenal after the official release of Instagram earlier this morning. Seems as if Windows Phone users are experiencing the early Christmas as just a few hours ago it was Instagram & now it's the unofficial client for the Snapchat. The Snapchat is the famous photo messaging app that allows you to delete photos after a certain predetermined time frame. Till now Snapchat didn't had a official client for Windows Phone, well they still don't have one but to end the vows we have an unofficial client now named as 6Snap.

Instagram arrived for the Windows Phone 8 Officially

So the wait is over & Windows Phone users have the goodness of Instagarm that too officially. Just a day after the Word "Selfie" received the honour for being  the most famous word of the year app that made it famous has also landed for the Windows Phone too. Now users will not feel left out by an app that should be on Lumia Series considering their Imaging capabilities. So What made them to finally bring in a windows phone based app maybe the streak to get the last chunk of users on board who had the awesomeness of Windows Phone but still living in the absence of Instagram.

Nov 20, 2013

Xolo Q1000 opus smartphone for Indian markets

Xolo,the company behind the devices like Q2000,A600,Q900 has announced the launch of  Q1000  opus with broadcam processor coming this month with attractive price to Indian markets.It will have broadcam chip set unlike regular Q1000 which has mediatek's quard core processor.

Nokia Lumia 725 Expected To Hit Markets Soon

As per the sources Lumia 725 is expected to hit markets later in Dec or early in 2014. Lumia 725 is the successor of Lumia 720 which was earlier released and had done well in markets. Lumia 725 configures with few changes and sources say that 4G is not included.

MetroMail the complete Gmail app for windows phone 8

Windows Phone is awesome & so are the web services from Google but experiencing them on the same device was always a dream but now it seems to be fulfilled as the MetroMail is out which is touted a the full fledged Gmail app. Don't confuse the MetroMail to be a web wrapper as MetroMail is a full fledged Gmail client app. MetroMail is developed by the developer who also developed the Metro Talk which acclaimed pretty much successes as being the Google voip client for windows phone.

Qualcomm comes up with SnapDragon 805 processor

If you are also of my age then you must be aware about the excitement we use to have when Intel announced the new processors but that era seems to be over as now market is ruled by the Mobile & Tablets which have Qualcomm processors at the core. So now excitement has moved to the Qualcomm for new emerging & faster processors for mobile's and to add up to that excitement Qualcomm has added snapdragon 805 to the list.

The Xperia Z or Nexus 5

These days smartphones are like the rain of Amazon forests as newer ones can be seen everyday that too loaded with almost new features making the just a day longer ones look really old. So choosing one & then making it primary device can now be a peace shattering decision. Few people think that getting a phone which come loaded up with heavy hardware is nice but other feel it for the software thing, So as one of my friend asked me which one to choose from Sony Xperia Z or Nexus 5. Well answering at once can surely break the friendship so for that i did some analysis & here it is.

SnapChat did a Google thing

The mergers & Accusations are nothing new to the silicon valley, They have always constituted to the growth of the industry some are famous like Nokia-MSFT, Google-Motorola & the new talk of the town Instagram by Facebook But the story doesn't end here as we also know that there were some sour deals also. On the other hand we have a plethora of names that didn't happen & now running successfully, One such example is Google. When some 15-16 yrs back to Phd Students went to yahoo for funding their project but their project was rejected ruthlessly & now we know that project as the Google Inc. Just like Google snapchat also experienced the same thing but in the reverse order as Facebook approached them with $ 3 Billion for a buyout but still Snapchat rejected the offer. So what is running underneath the selfie app that still doesn't make a penny on the name of revenue but still valued over $ 3 Billion.

MS office Remote: To remotely control Word, Excel & powerpoint from a windows Phone

There were times when even i fumbled giving a presentation & imagined to have a tool that will not only make me look cool but will also increase on productivity. The tussle never ended doesn't matter how many apps i tried though the remote control from Sony did a brief relief but still it wasn't a full packaged app but now it seems like Microsoft has the solution to eradicate all of our worries. So here is the new tool from Microsoft for windows phone users to remotely control Word, Excel & PowerPoint. 

Google starts selling Nexus 5 & new Nexus 7 in India

So wait is over for the user's who want to get their hands onto the latest fiercy device's from Google as the Nexus 5 & Nexus 7 are available in India. It will be the first time that a device has matched the dates of global launch of a hardcore device for Indian Users that maybe because of the increasing number of customers or maybe because Google doesn't want to lag behind in market, Doesn't matter what is the concern as Indian Users can rejoice the moment & get their hands on the nexus 5 as early as possible.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Review

Now a days it is practically impossible to find the smart phone with a screen less than 4 inches,it has  

Nov 19, 2013

'GT Racing 2' Mobile Game Review

Gameloft,the leading video games developer has recently reveals most realistic racing game "GT RACING 2" for both ios and Android platforms.Gameloft is well known for Asphalt series of arcade racing games.

Nov 18, 2013

Intex going to launch Octacore Smartphone!!

Intex Technologies said Monday that it had become the first local handset maker to begin selling Octacore smartphone in India.Delhi-based Intex has tied up with MediaTek and aims to bring the commercial form of the device in January 2014.It offers faster processing speeds thereby allowing the users to have more functions from smartphones.

PlayStation 4 sales reaches 1 million units!!!!

Sony beat market expectations by selling more than 1 million  PlayStation 4 consoles within 24 hours of its US launch on Friday, but the challenge of making money from the gaming platform has just begun.Sony Corp said on Sunday it had sold 1 million units of its new PlayStation 4 gaming console in the first 24 hours that it was available in the United States and Canada.

Nov 17, 2013

"OxCEPT", by The university of Oxford !

Worlds most secure mobile payment app as promulgated by The university of Oxford, will hit the istore soon.

OxCept is 100% software based and uses high-grade cryptography that has been tested by the Ministry of Defence to protect transactions and recieved over £1m of funding from the UK and US militaries.

Dropbox hits 200 million users,improves its offering for businesses

Dropbox Inc unveiled what it described as one of the most comprehensive upgrades to its service for businesses, including a feature that allows users to easily maintain both personal and corporate accounts.

Nov 15, 2013

Asphalt 8: Airborne arrives for windows phone 8

Good news  for the avid gamers & racing fans on the windows phone 8 platform as Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne is now available for windows phone users. The bad news is that it have a massive size of 819 MB and the good news is that it is available for $ 0.99, Oh we forgot to mention that there is a free trial as well. So What else does Asphalt 8: Airborne have for you, well read on to find out.

Lenovo launches Yoga Tablet

Aiming at a higher market share, leading personal computer maker Lenovo today announced the launch of its new Yoga Tablet priced between Rs 22,999 to Rs 28,999. Yoga Tablet has been ergonomically designed to aid a longer and comfortable Tablet viewing experience. It is priced at Rs 22,999 and Rs 28,999, for the 20.3 cm and 25.4 cm models, respectively, the company officials said.

Nov 14, 2013

Talking Tom Launches on Windows Phone 8

Hope you people remember the Talking Tom from Talking friends as just now it is launched across multiple platforms including the Windows Phone 8.  We remember talking as the ultra fun that we used for killing the boredom  as it had multiple features of talking to it and beating him just to extract out some cool expressions. So what's new with this app, well read on to find out.

Jolla to be released with Here Maps & Yandex's App Store

Nokia is always known to be the house of innovation and Jolla is another example of that. Jolla was created by the people who parted ways from Nokia after they abandoned the Meego OS, So after that few creative folks came together to build Jolla & extend the Meego OS that showed the potential of being a awesome mobile OS. As jolla is expected to be released by the end of year the company released few more developments that will come with the Jolla phone and here they are.

Nov 13, 2013

Motorola Unveils the New Moto G

This might  prove to be a life saver for the cash dreading Motorola, as even after the acquisition of Motorola by Google it's problems are not coming to an end. The new Moto G from Motorola is the new device from the veteran giant of mobile phone who once ruled the mobile market. The Moto G seems to be a baby Moto X by looking at the specifications. So does Moto G stands a chance in the already crowded market of android handsets? Well let's get into the details and find out.

Vine for Windows Phone is out now

I think it's like apps are raining for windows phone 8 these days or we can say that developers are try to fill the only dent left in the windows Phone ecosystem. Just a few days ago we reported that like's of Vine, FlipBoard & Instagram are coming to windows phone 8 officially and here is our first entrant. Vine announced through a blog post that they are live on Windows Phone 8.

Nov 12, 2013

Line, whatsaap & 6Tag for windows phone 8 updated with latest features

These days Smartphone's have become a core element of our life and the thing that runs at the core of these smartphones are apps that not only perform the required tasks but some of them take us to a very eventful needs that are just incorporated into our life by these apps only. The basic thing that run at the back of these apps is their developers who spend their life coding to make our lives easier. To keep these apps afloat & users intact these apps are need to be updated regularly so here we bring you the list of apps that recently got updated with the latest features.

Using portable hardisk to save disk space on System

Sanjay Jha
navi mumbai, new panvel
Ques. If I transfer my computer hard disk contents to a portable external hard disk will I be able to save space in my computer hard disk. I have lot of movies, how many TB of portable harddisk will I require.which company seagate or any other?

ANS. The Data is a very interesting thing as now it has become the important aspect of lifestyle we live but at the same time that useful data can become our headache as on a number of times we get enough of it that data becomes tough to decide which one to keep & which one to discard, well at that moment the portable hard disks come to our rescue. Portable hard disks have now taken up an important space while managing data as they not only save space on our system but also facilitate us with the advantage of moving around with our data and using it across any device. So how does that work? Lets find out.

Nov 10, 2013

Xolo Q2000 goes official!!!

Xolo has officially unveiled another smartphone online, under the company's Q range. The Q2000 is dual-SIM device with support for GSM+GSM and runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.The Xolo Q2000 smartphone expands the company's Q smartphone series which already includes phones six smartphones such as Xolo Q700, Xolo Q600, Xolo Q1000, Xolo Q1000S, Xolo Q800 and recently launched Xolo Q900, all of which are powered by quad-core processors.