Oct 17, 2013

Zombie Derby: Another nice free game for windows Phone 8

Just a day ago i mentioned there aren't any nice free games on Windows Phone 8 but to my surprise i found another one after the Six Guns. The Zombie Derby is another Zombie killing game with a mix of bit driving where you get a truck to drive around the track & Kill the Zombies on a spree.

The Zombie killing is on a roll doesn't matter weather it's in the films or in the games and the Zombie Derby seems to be another entrant in the category. Though its not as exciting as it should be but the stages & missions will surely hold people onto it.

When you first Start Zombie Derby, you'll be asked to enter your screen name that will be used with the leaderboard. From there you'll be sent to the main menu.

The main menu for Zombie Derby is splattered with options that include game settings , links to the game's Facebook, Twitter and Windows Phone Store pages, and access to the game's leaderboard, achievements, and the about screen.

Game play is spread across five scenic environments that are progressively unlocked as you gain experience. You also have a tutorial level that walks you through the game's controls.  There's not a help section so the tutorial does come in handy.

Before starting the Game you will be headed to the Garage where you can choose & customize your vehicle that will be used to kill the Zombies on the tarck. There are five different trucks to choose from ranging from an old step side truck to a crop harvester.  As with the gaming environments, as you progress in experience additional trucks become unlocked.  If you want to get a jump on things, coins can be purchased in-app.

On the Game screen you will find the Vehicle dashboard that shows your speed, gas & other resouces related to the vehicle your are driving. There are controls on left & right bottom corners for gas & Guns.

 Game play is simple, drive your truck down the road, smash through obstacles, jump canyons and run over as many zombies. Your score is based on the number of zombies you flatten and the distance you travel before you run out of gas. You can earn bonus points by flipping your truck and doing other stunts. The more points you earn, the more coins you earn.

For Most of the part Zombie Derby looks a decent Zombie killing game but on a longer run it surely turns out to be a bit boring but this surely Deserves a try.

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