Oct 18, 2013

Wordament: The real time Word Tournamnet

Hope you all have seen the Spell Bee tournament where only one emerge out as the winner of the tournament, but here Wordament has something different to offer as it's a real time word making tournament where you Compete with all other people from around the world. So how does it goes well too easy as all you need a smartphone.

Wordament can't be stated first of it's kind but for sure it's out of the league as it enables you to play around with fellow competitors from around the world. The Wordament is developed by Microsoft Studios and it's is available for multiple platforms like Android, iOS & Windows Phone 8.

To play around with the wordament you just need to hit the app & there you will see a contest running, don't worry if you started in between a contest as there are many to follow as there starts a contest every few minutes. So after the start of contest you get a set of words to choose from where making the correct word will give you points. After the ticker is done with the time limit you are shown the possible outcomes & then you get to see the leader board where your ranking is placed with other competitors.

With Wordament you will never get bored if you got a streak for learning as there are numerous sets of alphabets you get to see So it's seriously a fun game with a nice curve for learning. Go give it a try as it's available for every platform well almost though to play it on windows you will need a XBOX Account.

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