Oct 9, 2013

Twitter & 6tag for windows phone 8 updated with the latest features

 The favorite kitty of folks who are the king of 140 character aka twitter got armed with the latest features that people will surely going to rejoice as now it includes some serious stuff to offer. on the other side the  6Tag the unofficial official client of instagram  for windows phone 8 also got updated with the latest features. So whats in the store that can make people go gaga over it well there is a lot.

The twitter with the metro look for windows phone 8 got updated with the latest features like on screen notification, tweet notification from favorite people, In stream translation with Bing Plus you can add favorite people to live tiles.

Though it got a number of updates but still the much talked feature is pushing the latest tweets to the lock screen. Pictures from your favorite account will also appear on the lock screen. Though lockscreen notification or stream is a nice idea but it still can't beat the feature of in stream translation of tweets.

Microsoft is trying that apps for its Windows Phone 8 OS should be modern & unique just like the OS instated of just being a mere copy of the app on the other platforms & these updates to the twitter are the result of those efforts only.

On the other side another unique app for the windows phone 8 also got updated. For the people who are new to the windows phone party i should tell you that 6Tag is the unique client for Instagram that offers features like none other third party Instagram client which is now updated with more features like regram & Live tiles. The Developer of 6Tag also teased new feature like the manual Blur in the video for the upcoming release.

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