Oct 15, 2013

The fuss about Chromebooks

So Chromebooks powered by the Google Chrome OS are all over the news, even i wrote an article on Chromebooks India Launch a few days ago. So what this fuss is all about, are they worth buying, got enough computing power or got the buzzing hardware to set our sight on it, Lets find out.

The Chromebooks are powered by Google Chrome OS, Oh wait does the Chrome browser? Actually no but more or less yes, as to me Chromebook is nothing but a machine having chrome browser attached with a keyboard plus with the hardware that can satisfy it's requirement. So can that browser powered machine satisfy your needs ? Maybe yes, If your requirement is just surfing the need, reading documents, Websites, Blogging plus got a mammoth bandwidth to loose.

So if the usage trends summed up above all you need then Chromebook are a perfect device you should die for but what about the users who need a mammoth computing power, grown up using the Microsoft based devices & still can''t live without them. Well for them it's certainly not a device, Users like that should not even think about chromebook in their dreams.

If Microsoft Powered Windows Phone 8 lacks the apps then Google powered Chrome OS is certainly a beginner in this category as the device runs on a OS that is nothing more than a browser & for every functionality it is dependent on an app that might not be available there is you are a computing frenzy guy.

Still if you want to give it a shot before buying then Download Chrome browser in your windows based PC. Login with your google id & try to perform all your required tasks using the apps available in the chrome store, If somehow you managed to perform all your required tasks then you can but it as for sure Google will be working hard to push it up & make all the required apps available to users.

So again the question arises then you can give it a shot that too when he won't be called a fool of the decade, for that i would say the internet frenzy guys who want a machine that can help them build their classroom presentation, surf web on the go plus the people who have a problem of loosing data easily as on a chromebook you won't because it stores all the data on google drive. Oh i forgot to mention with a chromebook you get 100 gb of google drive space.

So what's the verdict on it. If you have a decent internet connection, doesn't do much except facebook, twitter or surfing web round the corner then give it a try & do share your experience with us.

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