Oct 30, 2013

The dilemma between Xperia ZL or Xperia ZR

Now a days buying a smartphone seems to be the toughest choice of our life as they have become very prominent part of our life So they should be loaded with features that can sustain our needs & there comes the dilemma of what to choose, as should we go with a particular brand, a particular OS(Android, Windows Phone 8 or iOS). So a plethora of choice & a serious one to make out, Don't Worry we will surely suggest you the best one. Lets get down to the Xperia ZL & Xperia ZR.

Xperia ZL comes out to be a clear winner when we compare the configuration of Xperia ZL with Xperia ZR but then there is a catch and that is Xperia ZR comes preloaded with features that makes it a phone that can shoot underwater plus it's more durable or in other terms it's a kind of rugged phone. So should you go with Xperia ZR then, No wait as there are other facts need to be considered.

If you want to go with a phone like Xperia ZR that too when you don't need to shoot pictures Underwater then you seriously need to ask some serious questions to yourself like Do i handle the phone like a kid? Do i live in a desert? Do i need to visit villages or coal mines too often? If your answers to these questions is yes then you can surely go ahead with Xperia ZR.

But I will still recommend Xperia ZL as its clearly comes par on the hardware side plus considering the Build Quality of Sony then we can say that it will surely be durable as Sony doesn't manufacture total plastic crap like Samsung So Phone's manufactured by Sony can easily go away with little accidents & a bit of rough handling. So buying Xperia ZL will surely give you added advantage of higher configuration over a Xperia ZR.

So we recommend you the Xperia ZL unless you develop a fantasy for underwater photography.    

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