Oct 15, 2013

Tata Sky TV Live Streaming App for Android and iOS

Tata Sky direct to home television operator announced a new application that allows users watch live television programmes on mobile phones.This app is released for both Android and iOS devices.Tata Sky named it as 'Everywhere TV'.

The company said it will charge Rs.60 per month from its existing customers.They can initially watch over 50 channels on their mobile phones.Users all need is a good 3G connection or a Wi-Fi connectivity.

Main reason to launch in Android and iOS devices,almost 88 per cent of subscribers had either Apple or Android smartphone,which shows that there is a huge potential for TV on the go.

In the coming three months no. of channels will get doubled.Initially most of the Hindi and English channels will be available on Everywhere TV but later on regional channels will also be included.

Tata Sky is investing Rs. 900 crore this fiscal on upgrading technology as it targets a 30 percent growth in subscribers.

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