Oct 16, 2013

Super Mario Bros is back

I think you still miss that time of 90s when your favorite time pass was Super Mario & back then you would miss anything to play that super addicted game. Want to play that again, Yeah i m  not kidding as i m just as serious as you are to play that game. So read on how to play that game now.

Whenever you wanted to play that game again from the time of your school, you must have ended up into downloading a number of emulators that would have only resulted in more frustration. But now here is something to put a full stop on all these things at least for the Super Mario Bros.

So Super Mario is back, back with a bang that will give you real game experience directly from your browser that too on full screen But with a limitation that it runs only on Chrome Browser as it is still in Beta phase & they are working on the game for other browsers too.

So are you ready to play that game again & rejoice memories of your childhood, well you should as now you can play it from browser with full screen that too with options to directly switch the map & levels.

So now if you will just excuse me from writing this stuff as i want to get busy in playing the Super Mario Again.

Play Here.

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