Oct 19, 2013

Stands for iPhone 5S Now Available in Markets


 Designed for you to use on a flat surface, Milo has high-tech "micro-suction technology" to hold your phone at any desired angle. Available in black or white, with an aluminum finish as an option, the Milo is a minimalist marvel.

Price: Starting at $14.95

2. iCardo Pro-X

With a curvaceous yet clean look, the iCrado will add a swoosh of style to your desk setup. Available in a variety of brushed metallic colors, this simple dock solution will hold and charge your phone fashionably.

Price: $29.99


Described as "the ultimate pedestal" for your 5S, the sleek and simple HiRise desktop stand works with your Lighting connector to elevate and display your iPhone on any flat surface in your home or office. The simplistic design is great for those wanting to dock their devices while keeping all ports and speakers free from obstruction.

Price: $34.99

4.Elevation Dock

Claiming Apple-level craftsmanship, the USA-made ElevationDock is created from solid, aircraft-grade aluminum and comes in a range of finishes. Your Lightning connector fits neatly inside the stand for a heavy-weight charging dock on your desk.

Price: $79


Made of solid aluminum, the eleMount boasts a sticky "elePad" to grip your iPhone in place. A versatile option, you can use an eleMount at your desk, in your car or even as a camera mount.

Price: $79.99

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