Oct 17, 2013

Six-Guns: The best free game available on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 has always been criticized as a platform that is not up for gaming, as either it doesn't have game from famous platforms or they are not free unlike Android or iOS. But six guns from Gameloft Studios seems to be a serious contender that can turn the tables in the opposite direction.

Unlike the other free games available that makes mockery of being a game & still people love to play them, Six guns is far apart from them as it really got nice story behind the game plus astonishing game play, graphics that really have some standard & you really need some gaming skills to play six guns unlike the people who play temple run & angry birds and then emerge out as the gamers in between their pals.

The game has the story of a cow boy that gets different mission to complete with different game scenes & screenplay. Every mission has story of it's own like sometimes you have to hunt down, free people from jail or you can even have a race with other people.

What sets it apart from other games is the story plus game play of the game as getting so much goodness in a free game is never expected. Beware guys as it can turn out to be quite a addicted game as i m playing it from last few hours & still quite interested in it.

The final verdict as per me will be you should give this game a shot as it's really interesting plus out of the league of other free games. Game download size is around 450 MB. Only con i found in it is a bit slow that maybe because i m using a Lumia 720 that has only 512 MB ram that means on devices having 1GB of ram it will flow like butter. Though the only slow part was the loading part but even that can put your mind off it so a device with 1GB of ram is highly recommended otherwise a device with 512 mb ram still a win win situation for it. So go out & hit the Six guns to bring out our gaming skills. 

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