Oct 19, 2013

Should I wait for the Nexus 5?

vivekdeep srivastva
mumbai ,India 

Ques. my budget is around 27000.....so should i purchse NEXUS 4 or wait for NEXUS 5 which is rumoured to be released on 30th nov ...pleasse help m confused.  

Ans. Wait for the nexus 5, it is soon to be launched in India. Nexus series is the most value for money and the best quality android experience in the market. It will have a price of $349 internationally and will be priced at almost the same price that of the nexus 4 here in India. 

Most probably this phone will launch in November and with souped-up specifications with every release it is seriously worth the wait. 

Another option that you have is to buy Lumia 920 that is on sale on flipkart for Rs. 21k . 


  1. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Wait for the nexus 5..it is confirmed that 16gb version costs $349 and will be released in the 1st week of nov
    And nexus 4 is way better than lumia 920

  2. In India it will not release before dec-jan.......LG' marketing trick before g2 is almost sold out they will not launch nexus 5. Same thing happened last year with nexus 4 as lg's similar specification phone was released!