Oct 23, 2013

Now Enjoy BBM On Android & iOS too

If you are also late to the Party Just Like Blackberry then i should tell you that a day ago Blackberry again launched the BBM for iOS & Android Successfully. I used the word again because Blackberry Previously made an attempt but failed as there was another app on Android named as BBM that too all the Surprise from Blackberry So Eventually Blackberry has to Put out their favorite Puppy from there so as to keep it lovable but Question is BBM still the app that can bring happiness with it like it did in past.

So Blackbbery launched BBM again for Android & iOS and as per reports it have been downlaoded more than 10 million times in last 24 hours, well that's really awesome statistics for an app that once ruled the Blackberry world plus it was even a major player in the success of Blackberry back in the times when push mails & other modern things were just for some tech frenzy guys But now the scene is different.

The market Doesn't belong to Blackberry anymore as it's already been dominated by Android that means Blackberry really needed something to stay afloat so they made their favorite Kitty BBM an app that is not just limited to Blackberry but this might not be enough as there are already a lot of players offering the same services that too with more customer base that means your every friend is already on it.

As we know Android & iOS already feel crowded by Whatsapp, WeChat & Line that offers a little extra what BBM has to offer as a result of which people may join BBM eagerly but might not stay over it as most of their friends won't be on it. So does that Make BBM the another Google plus that was taken by people like they have water in their routine but then it was left to die because they were already too familiar with other services that had a larger fan base.

So Downloading BBM is waste of time? Well that will be too early to call as BBM has a credibility that says you should give it a shot but wait don't get too excited as there is still a waiting period for it before you can use it but that shouldn't stop you from downloading it now, So just go & give it a Shot and don't forget to share your experience with us.

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