Oct 17, 2013

Nokia Lumia 520 Review

With the onslaught of Windows phones in the market and recent increase in market share of the Windows Phone, we take a look at the best selling phone and the the cheapest windows phone from the Nokia's table, the Nokia Lumia 520.

It is having the same design as that of others and in colors such as yellow,blue and red along with the usual black and white. The rear casing is changeable.The poly carbonate body of the smartphone oozes sturdiness. Lumia 520 is a lot more lighter than 620 and 820 with a weight of 124 grams.The outlook finish of 520 is good when compared to that of 820.The screen display is of 4 inches. There are three capacitive Windows Phone buttons - Back, Start and Search placed just below the screen.The right panel consists of  the volume rocker, power/ standby button as well as the camera shortcut key. The buttons are fairly sized and reasonably responsive.

Lumia 520 is having a 4-inch IPS LCD instead of the Clear Back LCD display with an 480*800 pixel resolution at 233 ppi. Hence the picture quality is not that good but is more that justified for the price you are paying for it.The touch is sensitive and is very easy to operate once you are accustomed to it and it is also a finger print magnet.

The lumia 520 comes with a camera of 5 mega pixel and it is having auto focus mechanism instead of the fixed focus one.There is only a rear camera and no front camera is available and also the color contrast is a bit high.The colors look more brighter than they actually are.

Software & applications
 It offers features like enhanced performance, USSD commands support, re sizable live tiles and more. Lumia 520 does not have a compass and hence the app city lens is not available other than that mostly all the other apps that are present in other lumia are here too.Added to that we also have the mobile versions of MS office,Skype and many more apps. Games like Temple Run are finally here, but the hardware requirements mean they do not work on the Lumia 520.It does not support the FM radio but the rumour is it is going to happen soon until that we have to still wait and watch.

The Lumia 520 is powered by a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and Adreno 305 GPU. It is having a RAM of 512 MB and with an internal storage of 8GB which can be extended upto 64GB with the help of an micro SD card.The Speakers are functioning well and also we can play all popular type of files .AVI etc for example.The call quality of the smartphone is also loud and clear.The battery life is really good.It is of 1430mAh battery and can stand upto a full day inspite of all the games,calling and entertainment you have with it.

Overall rating:3.5/5


  1. The Phone is good in looks , but thier use of cheap material by Nokia.
    Have Brought this phone from Flipkart in Jne 2013 and within four months it showed the quality of material used by Nokia.The side buttons are very sensitive on this phone and within four months i went ot Nokia care twice to get those fixed.
    They pressed it hard and then told me the button is broked so physical damage doesn't come under warrantyhave to pay Rs 750 for each button every time (camera and lock button) Happy to sell this in Rs 5000 if any one needs it...
    The available memory is 3.7 GB instead of 8 GB ,processing is very slow if you want to check just restart the phone once you will need to wait at least 3-4 mins until you get to the main screen.
    You need a microsoft a/c a nokia a/c a google a/c to use this phone else u will not be able to take the free benefits.
    Biggest problem this will have connectivity problems with wifi check on internet you will multiple people facing this issue.

    1. button problem is true, but it is a free 5 minute fix by the nokia service center, if they are charging you for this go to some other center, it is free and i have availed it., wifi problems are specific to some routers and happen on samsung phones too, these problem have mostly been found with the MTNLs wifi routers, tplink routers etc. work fine with the phone