Oct 14, 2013

Microsoft announces GDR3 for WP8

Microsoft announced the GDR3 or "update 3" for the windows phone 8 devices. The update 3 will surely come up with the features people were craving from a long time plus with a support for hardcore hardware that wont left people complaining about windows phone being low on specs. Though it always performed par with it's android counterparts but people wanted windows phone 8 to be high on specs side, So whats in the store for users.

Users were eagerly waiting for a update from Microsoft for the windows phone 8 or i should say even Nokia was waiting for an update from Microsoft to deliver the software that can tame the beasts developed by the Nokia & here is the result, Update comes with the support for 1080p Display.

Features to be released in update 3 for WP8:

  • 1080p Display support.
  • Quad Core processor support.
  • Rotation Lock.
  • Driving Mode.
  • Terminate apps easily.
  • WiFi Access while restoring the device.
  • Internet sharing via the Bluetooth.
  • More tiles on the start screen.
  So according to the Microsoft the update will roll out in a few months. Though under the new developer program you can access the update now also but for that you have to shed out some luxury as if you sign up for that program then immediately your warranty will be voided, there are no rollbacks to previous versions.

As of now im not ready to give up my warranty but still im dying to have these updates on my phone but i can only hope that Microsoft delivers it on time as per their promise.

Will be back with the detailed article on update 3 for windows phone 8 till then enjoy the other articles.

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