Oct 6, 2013

Install Windows 7 Using The .iso file

Sanjay Jha
Navi Mumbai new panvel
Ques. I have a windows 7 ultimate .iso image file how to install it on my PC in place of winxp pro. Suggest a good wireless wifi router with good range. Iam using Wired MTNL Triband Broadband Connection, how do I make it WIFI? Can I use wired broadband with router to make it WIfI for other devices like smartphones and laptops, is MTNL wifi router good/Suggest a good wireless router and its price. Will I have to discontinue my wired connection.If I setup my Router on the ground floor will I be able to browse internet on the first floor. Can wireless routers be switched off after use.

Ans. Since the launch of Windows XP installing an OS on any machine became a very easy task due to the support of GUI even while installing. It's Like a cake walk even for the Windows 7, All you need is the image file & few required tools to do that.

 There are several ways you can install windows 7 on a machine using the iso file.
One is burning the image file to a disc then boot from the disc, select the proper partition & then Bang On you did the task.

The other one is Using the flash drive, to do it form the flash drive you will need a pen drive of around 4gb capacity, a software that supports virtual cd drive & a software that can make a pen drive boot-able.

First of all Download the UltraIso or daemon tools, Install anyone of them then using that software mount the image onto the virtual drive as shown in the picture below.
After mounting the image to drive install the download the "Win2Flash" as that will be used to transform the pendrive to boot-able. After installing Win2flash give the path of mounted image & pen drive file, Start the process(Will surely take some time) & wait. On the completion of process restart the System, boot from the pendrive & you are good to go for installing the fresh OS.

There is other way but on a number of times it doesn't prove to be effective, the shortcut is to directly copying the files from iso file(after mounting to virtual drive) to pen drive & then boot from it.

You can buy and connect a WiFi router to your existing mtnl broadband adsl modem via a cat 5e Ethernet cable that comes in the router box. Any router that you purchase comes with a setup guide that will help you to easily setup your WiFi connection. If still you are unable to set it up you can take the WiFi router to your nearest mtnl telephone exchange and they will do that for you.

No you won't have to discontinue your wired connection.

We would have suggested you the MTNL's adsl cum WiFi router because the technicians come to your home to install it but this router doesn't have a good range that can span over multiple floors. So its a big no no for you.

As for the router part you can buy  D-Link DIR-600L Wireless N150 Cloud Router as its the best in price category plus covers area larger than a home of decent size.

Like all electrical devices the WiFi routers also have an on off button to turn them off.

Hope you will find the answers useful, for any further queries related to the context you can ask in the comments.

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