Oct 24, 2013

How to access Free WiFi at Airports ?


Sanjay Jha
New Panvel

Ques. I have 4th gen Apple iPod touch Q.At airports how can I surf the net using its WiFi, it asks for some password where can I find the password.

Ans.   To make WiFi secure at airport user id, password,etc. details are asked from user.
           You can use free WiFi by registering your device. Now different airports have different            procedures for doing that. for example:
  1. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport(CSIA), MumbaiWiFi Internet connectivity is available throughout all the passenger waiting areas. To connect to free wi-fi service, passengers have to provide their mobile numbers as login ids. Then a Password is sent to your mobile number through SMS.
     2. I.G.I Airport, New Delhi: Here are steps listed for connecting to T3 terminal WiFi.
  •   Double click the wireless icon the lower right corner of your screen.
  •  Click the 'View Wireless Networks' button on the wireless network    connection status box.
  •  Now double click on 'Aircel WiFi' option.
  •  Click 'Connect Anyway' button on wireless network connection box.
  •  Aircel Wi-Fi network will appear as 'Connected'.
  •  Now, open the Internet browser. Default Aircel login page appears.
  •  Register yourself by giving in your mobile number to get the username and password to access the Internet.
These instructions are similar for CSIA, IGI and many other airports that provide free WiFi.


  1. What if I only have an US mobile number? Will I still get the wifi passowrd on that?

  2. You need an India mobile number to get the password for free wifi access. Due to security reasons.

  3. Also you can always contact the information desks at the airports to know about the updated rules.

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  4. When i switch on free wifi and it shows hifan and it doesn't not work how to access kula lampur wifi

  5. Hai. I need to use wifi of airport.

  6. Hai. I need to use wifi of airport.

  7. Airports should be free

    1. Yes it is free.
      Only one has to add password which is your phone number

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    I also wan't to use wifi of airport

  9. It should work with all country's cell phone and it should be free

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