Oct 14, 2013

Best Headphones under Rs.10,000?

Ayush Garg
Bangalore, India

Ques. Want to buy headphones with superb sound quality but size should be portable.maximum my budget is Rs.10,000.plz help.thanks in advance

Ans.The only portable headphones that you can get are the in-ear headphones, Creative EP630  and Soundmagic E10  offer the best sound quality and are more durable than the others. These are Techtantrik's recommended headphones....


  1. Anonymous12:12 AM

    i m fine with on ear or over ear headphones but their size should not be very big.pz help.thanks.

  2. Then we will recommend you Noise cancelling Heaphones, as you can only enjoy sound when there is no noise.
    1)Audio Technica ATH-ANC29 QuietPoint® Active Noise-cancelling Headphones. ( under your budget)
    2)QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling™ Headphones.( buy this or any of its siblings and never look back to poor sound, it is over budget but one time investment.)

  3. What is much all the more energizing is the way that the unit comes in minimal bundle. It just demonstrates that you can get ideal gaming action given the powerhouse components in addition to additional items. best gaming headset 2016