Oct 14, 2013

Groopic for iPhone allows to add photorgapher to Image

We all know there are times when we really wish that somehow everyone should be in one pic only but on purposely someone has to sit out or there won't be anyone to click the photograph. We do have some friends that we are much into photography but again the same problem they miss out on the nice pictures clicked by them but they wont be as Groopic is offering service that will allow them to be a part of the Picture.

The Groopic allows you to take two different pictures  with different people behind the lens & then it combines the two photos automatically leaving a impression that it is a single picture. As an added advantage you get the some cool photo effects to apply on it & to share the picture directly from the app.

Groopic Comes out with a very nice interactive tutorial to make you familiarize with the app. You can watch a video to understand the app’s full potential. You don’t require any sign up or registration in order to use groopic, the app is ready for some action as soon as you are ready to go after the tutorial.

So from now whenever you want to have multiple people in the same image the all you need to do is leave some empty space comparing the two images & you are good to go all guns blazing for having all the loved ones in the same picture.

Groopic is free as of now but it can be a paid app soon so hurry up & grab the app so that your loved one should never miss out on any picture from now on.

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