Oct 14, 2013

Ghost blogging platform opens for public

The ghost blogging platform is open for public. Oh! please don't get me wrong as its nothing about the ghost or vampires but Ghost is the new blogging platform that is now open for public. Ghost is a Node.js based blogging platform that is out here to not only give people a niche product but will also give a stiff competition to platforms like blogger or wordpress & the newly billion dollar baby Tumblr.

The Ghost platform is for sure a mobile first as indicated from their blog posts, it will surely be targeting the mobile customers as we also know we want something that can provide us with the functionality of blogging on the go which Wordpress or blogger lacks though Tumblr got its nice apps but still they are not widely accepted. So will Ghost be accepted as a blogging platform that too when there is still a tough competition with a very thin line for new products.


  • Dashboard for tracking all the follow up or content reach.
  • Instant Preview.
  • Open Source, Easily Customizable.
  • On the Go Blogging.
With all these features Ghost is offering a constraint that may be loved by developers as to use Ghost Blogging you need your own hosting so in a way that's beneficial as you will have full control on speed plus content backup. 

To me Ghost Blogging looks promising after going through their marketplace & other features, What about you? I will say do give it a try & do share your views with us. Happy Blogging.

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