Oct 13, 2013

Customer's Plight: False claims and fraudulent business practices by Tikona Broadband

This is one of the several thousands of similar complaints against Tikona Digital Wireless that is a new entrant in the internet market in India. With such malpractices in business and harassing customers Tikona is just another money hungry business venture. All TechTantrik readers are advised not to subscribe to their services, for their own good and safety.

So here goes the story of one of our readers who works in a big MNC and was recently duped by Tikona:

I had subscribed to internet services from Tikona (Customer Id no. : 11070 48XXX) for a period of six months only starting from August 2012 to January 2013. I was informed by the sales representative then that this plan is not auto renewed and I shall have to make a fresh request to avail services post January 2013.
It was on this understanding of the plan that I had subscribed to Tikona. Before auto renewal of this plan, I had informed Tikona Customer care that I do not wish to continue this service as I was not happy with the service (the internet connection almost never worked) and asked for termination of the service. I had also received 3-4 confirmation calls from Tikona Customer care to STOP this service.

Hence, I was shocked when I received a mail alert from Tikona for dues pertaining to the period January 2013 to July 2013. Note that I had not asked for renewal of this plan. This was unfair and contrary to the pitch made by the sales representative. Subsequent to this mail again I had called up the customer care at Tikona and had requested them to stop internet services to my account. Once I had already placed a request for cancellation of services I believed in good earnest that the matter was resolved and there were no dues pending against my account. Also I had asked Tikona Customer care to check data usage on my account which  will prove that I did not use Tikona Service.

I received several calls for collection of modem, to which I always readily agreed, but representative from Tikona did not show up at my resident at the agreed time.

Finally in Sep-2013 , the device was collected from my resident by Tikona.

However, I have now received calls from a certain Mr Singh who claims to be an advocate from Delhi threatening me to pay Rs 5495/- and settle the matter. This demand is malicious and unacceptable
Request you to help resolve this matter
Ankita (name changed so as to prevent any threatening calls from Tikona to her)

This was the mail that she sent to TechTantrik to show how a company can do malpractices like these to thousands of unsuspecting customers.


  1. Dear Subscriber,

    We have noted your post. In order to assist you further, we would require your contact or Tikona User ID details. We have assigned a reference number # TIKOC2118 to your case. Requesting you to mention the reference number in the subject line while sharing your details with us on tikonacare@tikona.in

    Tikona Care

    1. One thing that is the main cause of customer harrasment is the dumbness of the customer care reps, for example you can see in the above comment. If the issue would have been resolved so easily by tikona's team by just issuing a refrence number our bweloved reader Ankita would not have taken such an extreme step to highlight this problem on a public website. She has already wasted a month trying to reason with cc reps like the one in the comment above. With this article we just want to protect our readers from the tikona trap. Achieving targets, low pay, deceit, false promises, sales pressure etc. is what drives employees of these companies to cheat honest customers. This is why India's call center operations are the biggest con jobs in the world. Even Americans hate it when they talk to an indian cc rep, all because of such frauds done by companies. No thanks for your copy pasted reply "Tikona care" . First try to make your employees honest, responsible and change your money minded thinking then only you can really care for your customers...