Oct 11, 2013

Buy a new laptop, is SSD required?

Sanjay Jha 

New Panvel 


Ques. Recommend acer,asus,lenovo Ideapad and Thinkpad laptop 1) budget under rupees 30000 and 2) budget under rupees 35000. Is SSD important in a laptop. List of laptops with web camera, 1 TB hdd, SSD and 1 GB Graphics card. What if i buy a 25000 laptop suggest brand and name.

Ans. 1) We do not recommend laptops just on the basis of brand or price, we also need to know the usage and requirement of the user before recommending one.

2). No SSD is not important in a laptop. SSD is Solid State Drive. is a storage device just like a Hard Disk (HDD) though it contains no actual "disk" of any kind, nor motors to "drive" the disks, it is a data storage device using integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data. 
SSD are better in performance than HDD but they also cost a lot.
images will show you the difference.



  1. I need laptop for home use

    1. Upto 30,000 - Lenovo Essential G500 (59-380860) Laptop (3rd Gen Ci3/ 2GB/ 500GB/ DOS) ,Asus K55VD-SX314D Laptop (2nd Gen Ci3/ 4GB/ 500GB/ DOS/ 2GB Graph) or If you want even more durability then go for Lenovo ThinkPad E530 (33661G0) Laptop (3rd Gen Ci3/ 2GB/ 500GB/ DOS)....but be sure to buy extra 2GB DDR3 RAM(transcend (Rs. 1400) or corsair recommended) if the laptop you buy only has 2 GB of RAM. Buying the laptop from the local market will fetch you a lower price than what is listed online. If you are in mumbai buy from lamington road, there you can bargain for laptop pricse like a vegetable market. Go to multiple shops and pick the one which offers the lowest price for the particular model with bill.

      Upto 25k: Lenovo Essential G500 (59-370250) Laptop (2nd Gen PDC/ 2GB/ 500GB/ DOS), Asus X55C-SX026D X55C Laptop

      Disclaimer: Some laptops come with free DOS so you need to install windows yourself which is a pretty simple task(If you have a pirated windows DVD ),Other brands are not recommended as they have a higher failure rate then Lenovo, ASUS. DVD drives in laptops are very susceptible to failure, be it any brand,

    2. Upto 25k: Lenovo Essential G500 (59-370250) Laptop (2nd Gen PDC/ 2GB/ 500GB/ DOS), Asus X55C-SX026D X55C Laptop. Out of these two ASUS will have a better performance than lenovo as it has a core i3 while lenovo has an older pentium dual core