Oct 2, 2013

Best antivirus, best software to delete unwanted programs and a cassette player

Sanjay Jha 

New Panvel 


Ques. 1)I don't have paid anti virus installed, I use 30 day trial antivirus, can i use the trial version forever after its expiry. I do not want to invest in paid antivirus, I am using KASPERSKY PURE 3.0 TRIAL VERSION can I use it after 30 day expiry.2) which is the best free software to delete unwanted files/folders & installed programs.3)I have lots of audio cassettes I dont want to throw them please suggest a cheap audio cassette player.  

Ans. 1.Avast is TechTantrik's recommended antivirus that is free. It is a great replacement for a paid antivirus and will keep your system safe and secure for years.  
Pirating a paid antivirus is a big risk as you never know when it will stop updating and an out of date antivirus is no use at all. Best option for you is avast free antivirus that you can register with your email id for 1 year and then renew . 
2. CCleaner - the uninstall option is present in the tools tab when you open ccleaner after installing. 
3. Buy any if you can find it in the market . If not then ask from your relatives/friends, somebody must be having it and would have kept it as an antique. Even some CD music systems bought 4-5 years back had a cassette player too.  

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