Oct 15, 2013

Aviate: Just not another Android Launcher

Android is buzzing all over the market & in the hands of the users and with it comes buzzing the launchers that provide a different look & feel altogether to users that may feel  a bit stereotype by using the same interface as others. The Last launcher that really created some buzz was Facebook Home, Though it didn't proved to be so prevalent just because it didn't provided support for low end devices which en masses as far as Android platform is considered. But now Here is Aviate that got some different DNA, So whats different in it let's Find out.

So we touted much about the Aviate launcher above as it's different from other so what's  really different in it? The thing that sets it par with others is that the Aviate knows it's actually on the home screen in comparison with the others. Aviate also provides the functionality to suggest apps on the home screen which you can use though that list from Aviate is totally customizable. The other staggering feature that Aviate offers is to use a particular app that it's algorithm thinks you should use as per your activity.

Oh wait we are not done yet, Aviate still has more to offer like you can see in the image above it has built in feature of suggesting you with the apps you should use as per your activity or your daily schedule, like at 10 am daily you go to your office, so accordingly Aviate will give a prompt if you want to schedule you meeting or want to give someone a business call.

Till now Aviate looks promising as it's quite different from others as far it's learning & suggestion algorithm is considered. As of now it's an invite only software app so we have to wait for sometime to give it a full go, till then we can hope it only grows to be a better app. So is Aviate worth the talk, just go & find out.

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